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Emma Johnson

Saturday afternoon, a few of us New Yorkers went shopping for costumes for the Challenge of the States class held that night. Last year we dressed

Since my first venture to the New England Equitation Championships in Springfield, Massachusetts, I have always looked forward to returning. The jumps are set low,


Waking up at 5 a.m. on Sunday was actually harder than getting up at 4 the previous day, and I was glad that my mother

Val had a junior hunter showing early in the week at Harrisburg, so there was no time for a lesson before Calvin began the five-hour

Last Thursday, I hurried through my usual barn chores before loading Calvin into the trailer and departing for Gladstone, N.J., where the USEF Talent Search's a good thing we didn't book a hotel for Syracuse, because the odds of me making it are slim. Sunday was not my proudest

I guess I can say my evening went OK...I won the USEF Medal class and the PHA Finals.  As per usual, Calvin was there for

Maclay Regionals are upon us! This weekend, Calvin and about 70 other horses will be competing at the Zone 2 Regional, held at Old Salem Farm

Because I do not board my horses with my trainer, I have learned to be more independent than many of my peers.  Most days I

We had it planned out perfectly: Alan was to be longed Friday evening (to get him quiet, but not TOO quiet), and then my mother

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