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Elizabeth Howell

I’ve been missing. There’s a story behind it. Here it is.

When you are responsible for the care of someone else, be they canine, equine

It’s been a busy month of business travel, which has taken me away from visiting with all of you—I hate it when that happens! On


The lovely and talented Lauren Sprieser, my fellow blogger and online friend, is trying to tell us all that the seasonal relocation of

Greetings sports fans from the frozen tundra that is Vermont. I continue to hibernate, coffee cup in hand, looking out the window, thinking about going

The holidays are over and we’re settling in for our remaining five months of winter. As I read about Lauren’s seasonal relocation to

‘Tis the time of year when people give you a gift, and you don’t have one to give to them. When you receive a pink

Last week, two trainers and one junior rider from our area had the opportunity to ride in a George Morris clinic, held at <a href=""

From May through October, I kept a kid and horse entirely presentable and A-rated horse show ready. I dry cleaned show coats, I hand-washed Essex

Question:  There’s a person in our barn who is constantly borrowing things from everyone else—polo wraps, boots, bits, spurs, stirrups, she even used someone else’s

How many of you have Halloween plans that involve horses? And costumes? Come on…fess up! How many of you have spent time and money this

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