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Donna Ross

Strong roots in the past have helped this Virginia hunt thrive for a century.

It’s somehow poetic that a 100-year storm buried the Virginia countryside under

Longtime huntsmen recall their most memorable days in the field.

No day of foxhunting is complete without a round of good stories told at the


Rombout Hunt
11 Browning Rd.
Hyde Park, New York 12538.
Established 1928.
Recognized 1931.

Rombout Hunt Celebrates Their 75th Opening Meet

The gloomy
The New York hunt had a rich history that continues today in South Carolina.

If one listens carefully as the Aiken Hounds (S.C.) move
Dr. G. Marvin Beeman has a long-range plan in mind for foxhunting.

On Jan. 24, Dr. G.

Knowledge, awareness and vigilance are the keys to keeping the hounds running.

Across the nation there seems to be an increasing number

The flawless and distinctive American foxhound Potomac Jefferson ’05 claimed the grand champion title at the
From a field of 66 outstanding candidates, eight exemplary foxhounds were selected as the best representatives of their breed at the Centennial Championship Hound Show,
The MFHA Centennial closing ceremony, held on the grounds of the Museum of Hunting and Hounds in Leesburg, Va., was filled with memories and laced
he finality of it has at last hit home. Vincent Tartaglia, the sometimes feisty but always brilliant huntsman who achieved national stature in his profession,

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