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Blogger Susan Glover


At the beginning of 2016 I had a whole plan worked out for how to get Steve and myself through the year productively and moving

Jumper dressage. Jumper. Dressage. Jumper dressage? Is this a term I can actually use?

I mean, I DO use it, all the time, but I

What does it mean to have the “right” horse? Obviously that varies for everyone, but finding a good match is truly priceless. One of the

What is a “serious” amateur rider?

This is a question I have thought about quite a lot since I got back in the saddle 13

Something that comes up frequently on the Chronicle discussion forums’ hunter/jumper forum is bad experiences with trainers. I’ve had a few of those

Introducing the Chronicle's newest blogger, DIY amateur jumper rider Susan Glover...

Some musings on the pros and cons of being an older, DIY-er ammy in the

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