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Blogger Rebecca Young

I’ve been thinking about a conversation my trainer and I had back in the spring. She told me I was fated to be a rider

“There it is,” Mom said.

Dread is thick; it sits in a cave at the back of your mouth and oozes through your insides like


Day 1: Saturday, Feb. 15

Hitting the road with five horses, Aiken, S.C., bound. It was supposed to be six, but I sold one

So, I’ve recently started teaching lessons. I identify more as a student than as a teacher, so stepping into the role of instructor has been

Yesterday I was hacking my 4-year-old gelding, Deep Woods, and I couldn’t stop thinking how wonderful he is. The weather has been awful here in

Horse shows drive me just a little bit crazy. Everyone who hasn’t been satisfied with second place knows the effect horse shows can have on the

I’ve been thinking a lot about identity and niches lately. A few weeks ago I started my own business, so my head has been spinning

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