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Blogger Liz Arbittier


Veterinarian and amateur rider Liz Arbittier joined the COTH's bloggers in January 2014, when she bought a former Amish driving horse as a project. You

Many of us who ride were lucky enough to have had good, old-fashioned horse people as mentors. It’s easy to focus on who is teaching

I have some good news and some bad news and, as usual for me, the reveal is best done in the form of a story.

Fast forward six months, and things sure have changed since the day I met Ephraim. My decision to trust a stranger who was

We did it. We survived the winter! It wasn’t without bumps and bruises but, in retrospect; it is pretty impressive how well Ephraim handled himself.

Stubborn, scared, brave, spooky, and willing. These are five words that shouldn’t describe one horse, but my accidentally-poetic trainer hit the nail on the head

Reviewing the overriding theme that winds through my small collection of stories about Eph to date, it strikes me that people may want

As a veterinarian, I meet a lot of people and treat a lot of horses. I have been very lucky in my career to develop