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Blogger Katy Groesbeck

Some days I think somebody should pinch me because I’m finally making a living doing what I love: riding talented horses and teaching fun and

Not for the first time, I’m hunched over a computer screen in the back seat of the truck on the way to an event, trying


There are some changes in life that are abrupt; even when anticipated, they knock you on your butt and it can take a while before

A lot can change in a month—ask me how I know! It's crazy to me that I am writing this blog from my very own

It's hard to believe that I first stepped foot onto Buckwampum Farm just a little over a year ago, "fresh off the boat" from the

As the year ramps up and rockets us into the fall three-day season, and the last events of 2014 loom nearer, I can't help but

Recently I spent a week in Kalispell, Mont., to attend The Event at Rebecca Farm. I've been there several times in the past as a

As young eventers, many of us dream of glamorous horizons. We dream of going to the North American Junior and Young Riders Championships then on

Now that we have hit the halfway mark of the year, I finally feel like I can take a deep breath.

Though the season is

Last month at the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event, I had a fantastic reminder of why I love what I do and why three-day eventing

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