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Abby Gibbon

Jim Wofford grew up on a farm in Milford, Kan., the youngest son of a storied equestrian family: His father, Col. John W. Wofford, was

From the moment the War Horse trailer first appeared online, the equestrian community spread the news like wildfire. By November, hype had reached an anticipatory


After 30 years spent managing and showing Welsh and Dartmoor stallions, Shull can’t envision a future without ponies.

Hershell Shull leads me into a field of

On Nov. 18, President Obama signed into law an agriculture appropriations bill, which, among many other provisions, lifted a 5-year prohibition on funding for U.S.

Though Barbara Crabo and her 5-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare Over Easy (Quite Easy 958—Olivia OF GCF, Admiral 764) were originally declared the winners of the

Philip Astley, 24, returned to London a new man: Seven years backing cavalry horses in Col. Granville Elliot’s 15th Light Dragoons had quashed the familial

Meter wheels may soon go the way of dodos, car phones and FEI phases A-C: relics of bygone days. That is, if Nick Hinze, eventing

Riding is an empirical art. When we witness that rare round or freestyle, we know that we’re watching something beautiful. But how do we know?

Last Saturday, Sept. 17, Lucia Strini and her horse, Altairs Luck, fell at the A element of the coffin complex on the Plantation Field CIC**

“One of the most dramatic demonstrations of concern and affection for GMHA took place following the flood of 1973,” wrote former Green Mountain Horse Association