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With Anne Gribbons

It's January again, and as always we try to look to the future with hope, confidence and positive energy. I guess that's why people like
When the American horses arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden, at 10 p.m., Swedish TV was there to cover the horses\' descent from the van. Nikolaus, Brentina


Whenever I drive to the USET headquarters in Gladstone, N.J., I always feel as if I`m coming home to my alma mater. Since the 1970s,

Every year the Federation Equestre Internationale, with the aid of sponsors, sends some of its dressage judges to almost every corner of the world. Their
What raised some eyebrows at August's North American Young Riders Championships was the ascent of a rider who was virtually unknown except in her own

Within the span of two weeks in September, I had the opportunity to be part of the CDIO*** in Luxembourg as a judge and Dressage

It was all incomprehensible. It was another disaster spectacular with special effects beyond what we'd ever seen, a concept we hadn't thought of, a twist
Who Wants To Be A Grand Prix Horse? If it were up to the riders and owners, becoming a GrandPrix horse would be as easy
At last winter's U.S. Dressage Federation annual meeting, I happened to meet a group of athletes and their leaders who, I must admit, I never
How we age is a personal and genetic affair, for people and horses, but I think that dressage horses and dressage riders have an advantage

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