Sunday, May. 26, 2024


Scott Hassler

In this Between Rounds column originally published in May 2008, our columnist discussed how he would like to see more emphasis placed on the seat


While producing the next Totilas is every dressage breeder’s dream, closely examining the traits that make this stallion so special can refresh any breeding program.


Our columnist points out the unique strength U.S. horse sports have at the grassroots level.

After the excitement of hosting the world’s top equestrians

Our columnist worries that hot trends in breeding are undermining the proven products.

It’s February, the time of year when people are thinking about breeding their

Our columnist cautions riders to approach clinics and symposiums with an eye on redecorating, not renovating.

Now that we’ve reached the end of our competition

Our columnist believes that we need to spend time on the basics so we create a solid foundation based on clear, consistent standards.


On the heels of the country’s World Cup dressage victory, our columnist hopes that the sport’s leaders will embrace the future.

We’re at an

Because we want the best for our horses, our columnist believes the support team we create around us is critically important to our horse’s development.<br

Difficult times require innovation and creativity, and our columnist believes our sport horse community will heed the call.

It’s that time of year again,