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Nicole Lever

Ever see salt water taffy being made? The taffy is secured between two machines and then kneaded and stretched. As the taffy is pulled apart


After talking to Grand Prix dressage grooms Heather Carberry and Rachael Roisman (p. 14), I emerged from the conversation enlightened, refreshed and a little wistful.
Expectations ran high, tension draping the crowd like a shroud. Teenage girls clutched at each other excitedly, the names of their favorite stars written in

There is an air of anticipatory expectation in the steeplechase world. The National Steeplechase Association`s Board of Directors has balanced the budget and ensured
What does it take to become grand champion at the Dressage At Devon Breed Show?

It takes a horse whose quality of temperament is
What do you get when you combine the sizzling, high-pressure atmosphere of Dressage at Devon's Dixon Oval and 12 junior riders, all girls between 14

Jennifer Dainer swept all three classes of the U.S. Equestrian Federation Junior Dressage Team Championships to propel Team Liberty to a gold medal and earned

After winning the $150,000 Royal Chase grade I hurdle stakes at the Keeneland race course on Hirapour, New Zealand jockey Clayton Chipperfield celebrated his first
A dash of recklessness, thrill-seeking desire, and fierce competitiveness are the cornerstones of every jump jockey's personality, which also makes them good candidates for