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Jackie Burke

Anyone who’s ever hunted with Melvin Poe during his incredible 64 years (and counting) as a professional huntsman knows he’s a living legend. They might

Olympic Team In Its Preliminary Phase
John T. Cole, Colonel, Cavalry
March 19, 1948

We should like to take this opportunity of expressing our


Within years of its founding in 1937, the Chronicle’s cover proclaimed it to be “America’s Hunt Authority,” which it no doubt had been since its

National Stallion Register
January 10, 1947
This roster of Thoroughbred sires is the largest ever compiled by the Chronicle during the past eight years. It

Compiled by Jackie Burke

The Upperville Colt & Horse Show
Details of the earliest Upperville Colt & Horse Show, first held in 1853,
The Chronicle of the Horse made its debut in 1937 with equestrian news of national and international significance—often focused through a local viewpoint. This year

Red Pollard Back
February 4, 1944
For well nigh two years now the name of John (Red) Pollard has been missing from the jockey

Pony Club Instructors Courses
by Jan Royce Conant
July 17, 1964

Remount Produces Horses For Three-Day
Fred Lege III January 16, 1948

General George Patton Jr.
December 26, 1945

The sporting world lost one of its best-known followers in the death of Gen. George S. Patton Jr.