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Heather Smith Thomas

A unique human-animal bond program opens up many different opportunities...

In a quiet corner of Montana, Carroll College has launched a new psychology program that explores

There are many reasons why a mare may need surgical help delivering her foal.

In situations where a mare can’t deliver her foal, the only way


Colostrum is so important to a foal’s immune and digestive systems that breeders should know how to test, store and supplement it.

Within minutes of birth,

There’s no doubt about it, having a horse with sheared heels can be stressful. If you’re the owner, that stress may show up when you

But a high-profile case has brought the safety of this practice under scrutiny.

When 21 polo horses died suddenly in Florida this April, an investigation revealed

Extra stress makes a hoof more susceptible to this fungus.

Warco van de Halhoeve was diagnosed with white line disease two years ago, and

Heather O’Brien, an AFA certified farrier in Port Coquitlam, B.C., said the cause of white line disease was elusive for

There’s another alternative on the market, but is it right for you and your horse?

Most barn owners know the sound right away—a hurried,

Cribbing rings aren’t for every horse, and not every owner will be comfortable with the procedure. Using pain to halt

Researchers are working to uncover just how prevalent the disease may be in seropositive horses.

Although piroplasmosis, an equine disease transmitted primarily by ticks,

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