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So how do you lessen your chances of having to deal with roaring and, subsequently, tie-back surgery? One way, Bollam suggested, is to make an

Horsemen can get caught up in the specifics of their disciplines, but the basic needs of sport horses, like all athletes, are simple: water, food


The signs are familiar and common yet never easy to watch: short, stubby strides, marked soreness, the head-bobbing lameness. When those kinds of symptoms are

And a new nationwide study may make it easier to obtain.

The signs are familiar and common yet never easy to watch: short, stubby

Although the causes of this condition are not fully understood, medical advances have led to better diagnosis and treatment.

For young horses with bright

While these tumors may be rare, it’s important to recognize warning signs when they do occur.

If you’re a horse lover who listens to National

The immigration debate may divide legislators in Washington, D.C., but the real effects are at training facilities, horse shows and racetracks around the country.
In 1987, Kathleen Toomey walked into Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, N.J., and received a surprise greeting.

"Hello, doctor," said a nurse cheerfully. "How
Trainer Sanna Hendriks was worried; McDynamo still didn't look right.

He was coming off a disappointing start to the 2006 spring season, plagued by

Something wasn't quite right: Chris Kappler could feel it as he and Royal Kaliber cleared the big brown oxer in the jump-off at the 2004