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Dec. 1, 1967

Chronicle editor Alexander Mackay-Smith calls for professionals to be allowed to ride in the Olympic Games.

The “Shamateur” Rider


March 25, 1960

Soring Tennessee Walking Horses and drugging hunters was as much an issue and topic of discussion in 1960 as it is today.


Jan. 6, 1961

Alexander Mackay-Smith explains to readers about the merging of The Chronicle and Horse magazine.


Oct. 9, 1953

The issue of judging at horse shows was as much a topic of discussion in 1953 as it is today.

Sept. 19, 1958

The Chronicle editor argues that money spent on the U.S. Equestrian Team will be beneficial to U.S. foreign policy.

These are troubled times. As

Sept. 17, 1954

This account of the selection trials for the Pan American Games and the Olympic Games leaves the reader wondering how any combinations were

Oct. 10, 1952

In 1952, the staff of the Chronicle was discussing which sports and disciplines the Chronicle should cover, and that debate continues today.


Sept. 30, 1949

The following is an editorial following the first selection trial for the 1952 Olympic Games. The U.S. selectors were still trying to

August 19, 1949

Choosing a team for the Olympic Games was as much a hot topic in 1949 as it is in 2012. Once civilians