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I recently attended my good friend Lynn Symansky’s wedding in November. I was lying on the beach in St. Croix listening to Hannah Sue Burnett

The whole drive I had been chugging Red Bull and giving myself pep talks about developing a thicker skin while anxiously surfing my XM radio.

I was in a field in Germany cursing myself for the wrong choice of shoes because the ground was very, very damp when I was

I honestly have been trying to write this blog for a few days and it seems every time I try, I have a mixture of

Le Pin-au-Haras, France—Aug. 27

It's 6:45 a.m. and today is Jog Day.

The week so far has been really about getting as comfortable with

Chantilly, France—Aug. 24

We've been training in Chantilly before we head to Normandy—it has already been one hell of an experience. First and foremost: there is

If someone had told me on that day back in 2007 that the leggy, shy chestnut that I was on a day trip to Cherbourg,

This season seems like it has been unusually tough on U.S. eventing. We have lost so many lovely horses and been blindsided by injuries, but

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