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Blogger Kristin Carpenter


For as long as I can remember, my riding lessons have been filled with the order to, “Look up!” It isn’t that I find my

I am typing this (quietly) while my 4-month-old baby is asleep in his car seat. We just got back from getting his shots, and after

For this week's Throwback Thursday post, we brought a Kristin Carpenter blog from March 11, 2013 back up. Some social media users found it earlier

The greatest illusion in life might be that there is more time. Time to get things right.

As Americans we obsess over checklists and preparations

There are a lot of ways to learn life lessons, but I learned mine from a horse. When I think about how I mastered patience,

I have been to two funerals in six days. One was in Louisiana last week for my aunt, and another was in Arlington tonight for

When we find a passion in life, we dream that we can spend our free moments or make a career pursuing it, and that our