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Blogger Jennifer Barker St. John

I have read enough blogs on parenting, relationships, design and even horses, to know that the easiest way to lose an audience is to paint

When your almost-4-year old says that she wants to trade her blue leadline ribbon in for a pink one, because pink is her favorite color,


It’s been over a year since I’ve gotten any mail from J. Crew, but I recently received a Spanx catalog.

My favorite band, Matchbox Twenty,

There is a microcosm located on horse show grounds across the country that goes by many different titles; in our area its usually Ring 3,

Fellow Young Professionals, next time someone from the “good old days” of horsemanship asks you for help backing up their iPad or resetting their router,

I am not a Lead Change Guru. But I know one, and that fact alone gave me the confidence to import a horse

Every five weeks I have a counseling session. For about an hour we chat about my career change, the challenges of working with

“Can you buy me a pink pony?” my toddler daughter Holston asked when I told her I was going with “Grandpa Johnny” to Europe to

Like a teenaged boy who’s just seen a supermodel on the beach, when I pass a tractor-trailer load of horses on the road my head

As I lowered myself into the barn dumpster, a recent blog about how glamorous the horse world looks to outsiders crossed my mind.

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