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World Equestrian Center–Ocala Sticks With NSBA Sanctioning For 2022 Winter Circuit



For the second year in a row the World Equestrian Center—Ocala will run a winter circuit in Ocala, Florida, sanctioned by the National Snaffle Bit Association.

While dates for the series are still being finalized, World Equestrian Center CEO Roby Roberts confirmed that next year’s winter circuit will be similar to this year’s and that the organization will run some pre-circuit shows in December. In 2021 the 12-week World Equestrian Center Winter Spectacular series ran from Jan. 8 to March 28. The organization also runs other NSBA-sanctioned shows at their Ocala, Florida, location throughout the year. While World Equestrian Center—Wilmington (Ohio) has held U.S. Equestrian Federation-sanctioned hunter/jumper shows, their Ocala venue has not.

“We’re talking to some people talking about doing some [Fédération Equestre Internationale] shows here along with our NSBA shows [in 2022],” said Roberts. “It might be a combination, but that will be up to USEF and FEI, of course. That would be a third party coming in that is familiar with FEI that would come in and use our facility. We’d still have NSBA; we would have a different show at the facility. At any given time we usually have more than one show going on.”


The organization also ran several USEF-sanctioned dressage shows throughout that same time period and an FEI dressage show in April. They have two more FEI dressage shows on the calendar for the second half of 2021.

Florida is awash with hunter/jumper competitors and shows during the winter season. Yesterday the USEF announced that it was considering all the mileage exemption requests for Florida hunter/jumper shows during the first trimester of the 2022 competition season (December 1, 2021-March 31, 2022) collectively. Organizers looking to host competitions in the first four months of 2022 competition year whose applications required going through the mileage exemption process to be considered for licensing were asked to submit their applications during a designated period.

As of April 30, there were 35 licensed hunter/jumper competitions already on the calendar in Florida. As of June 1, the close of the mileage exemption application process, the USEF had received applications for 29 additional Florida hunter/jumper competitions from Fox Lea Farm in Venice, HITS Ocala, TerraNova in Sarasota and The Ridge in Wellington. A final decision on those applications will be made by Sept. 1. World Equestrian Center—Ocala did not apply for USEF dates during the first trimester of 2022.




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