Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023

Watch Why They Won: Farrington And Gazelle Fly To American Gold Cup Victory



Gazelle’s ears pricked forward, locking on to the fence as she approached. They flicked back briefly as she acknowledged Kent Farrington’s aids before she flew through the air over the final oxer in the $213,300 American Gold Cup Grand Prix. The pair stopped the timers in 39.06 seconds to earn their second Gold Cup victory and take the win from Lillie Keenan and Fasther (39.83 seconds) on Sept. 13 in Traverse City, Michigan.


Kent Farrington and Gazelle flew to the win in the $213,000 American Gold Cup Grand Prix. Elaine Wessel/Phelps Sports Photo

“It was a great win today,” said Farrington. “It’s a crazy time in the world, but we still have great sport, and they have done an amazing job putting on the show and keeping this a special class. I am very proud to win today. We’ve been building for a big class, and this is the biggest so far this year. I’m glad that the plan came together, and the whole team was here supporting me today. Gazelle’s owner [Robin Parsky] came to watch today, and we had some extra luck from all the fans here.

“I am very proud to have my name back on the trophy again,” he continued. “The trophy is filled with some of the best riders in our sport and some of my heroes growing up from American riding, and I’m a two-time winner because I have such an exceptional horse in Gazelle, and she really delivered and showed her stuff today.”


Watch Farrington’s daring jump-off and listen to him talk about his victory, courtesy of Traverse City Horse Shows:



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