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Who’s Your Favorite Amateur-Owner Horse at Devon?



Devon, Pa.—June 1

The open hunter riders have had their turn around the rings, and while there are still some big jumper classes to come, now it’s time for the amateurs to take over. Amateur-owner hunters and jumpers jumped today, with loads of drool-worthy performances. Which horse do you want to sneak on your trailer?

WEB 1 La Petite Fleur 6 Sagamore Farms KAL_9374

La Petite Fleur 6 and Debbie Dolan-Sweeney were unbeatable in this afternoon’s amateur-owner jumper class. Photo by Mollie Bailey.

WEB WON BOTH Uprising KAL_8662

Uprising jumped beautifully for Beth Bidgood, winning both amateur-owner, 36 and over, over fences classes today. Photo by Mollie Bailey.

WEB 2 Nicole Bellissimo Harley David KAL_9329

Nicole Bellissimo and Harley David jumped to second in this afternoon’s amateur-owner jumper class.

WEB 1 OF younger 36 Stephanie Danhakl GOlden Rule KAL_7733

How about Golden Rule, who’s already won an amateur-owner hunter, 35 and under, class with Stephanie Danhakl? Photo by Mollie Bailey.

WEB 3 36AO Catch Me Becky Gochman KAL_8287

If grays are your thing, you could do an awful lot worse than Becky Gochman’s Catch Me, who won today’s amateur-owner hunter, 36 and over, under saddle class and finished third over fences. Photo by Mollie Bailey.

WEB RIFLEMAN Marion Kastenbaum 8 Rifleman KAL_8564

Or maybe you’re a chrome person. In that case Marion Kastenbaum’s off-the-track Thoroughbred Rifleman, who jumped to eighth in the low amateur-owner, 35 and under, over fences class might be your pick. Photo by Mollie Bailey.

WEB 2 Older 33 Verdict KAL_9218

Are you a perfect knees fan? In that case, how about Jean Sheptoff’s Verdict, who jumped to second in today’s low amateur-owner, 36 and over, over fences class. Photo by Mollie Bailey.

WEB 3 Conero Christina Fischer KAL_9517

Christina Fisher’s Conero looks like a great choice too. That horse followed up a second-placed ribbon in this morning’s amateur-owner jumper class with a yellow one this afternoon. Photo by Mollie Bailey.

Still not sure? We have loads more photos for you to check out for window shopping.

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