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What You Need To Know: 2019 ASPCA Maclay Championship


The ASPCA Maclay Championship kicks off at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 3 at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

Round 1 has 179 riders on the order of go. The schedule estimates the flat phase, which will include a minimum of 25 riders, which has an estimated start time of 2:25 p.m.  The second round of jumping will run immediately after that.

Jimmy Torano and Tammy Provost will be judging the Maclay, and they also designed the course.

The Chronicle’s Laura Lemon and Kimberly Loushin will be ringside blogging—find their round-by-round commentary on each ride here.

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The riders start right off the bat on the right lead to a white oxer-oxer diagonal line going away from the gate, with the first fence set without wings in five strides. They immediately turn left to a long, white vertical fence that stretches a quarter of the ring. They first jump the right side of the fence, only to turn loop back on themselves and jump it the other direction on the opposite side. The riders then open their right rein to continue to a natural brown one-stride combination on the outside of the ring, then traveling on a bending line to the ASPCA vertical with no wings.

After the ASCPA, they turn left, traveling across the diagonal on a marked 6 strides. The fence 7, the first of the line, is an old, military style Then they make their way to the long, end fence again, this time jumping it back and forth on the right lead.

They finish the course heading towards the in-gate to an oxer to oxer two stride made up of natural brush and again without wings before. They finish traveling on a bending line to a shiny, black vertical set right on the short side.

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