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What You Need To Know: 2018 ASPCA Maclay Championship



The ASPCA Maclay Championship kicks off at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4 at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

Round 1 has 175 riders on the order of go. The schedule estimates the flat phase, which will include a minimum of 25 riders, will being at 2:00 p.m.  The second round of jumping will run immediately after that.

Walter “Timmy” Kees and Chance Arakelian will be judging the Maclay, and they also designed the course.

The Chronicle’s Ann Glavan and Kimberly Loushin will be ringside blogging—find their round-by-round commentary on each ride here. 

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The judges have set a dotted line which means riders must get their horse in front of their leg right off the bat. They start off the left lead off of a short turn over an airy triple bar with no ground line or wings and continue in a straight line across the diagonal to the second fence, a wingless, green brush jump with a rail on top in a  forward four strides. They continue out over a vertical in a quiet five strides.


Riders continue through the corner and hit a white oxer with brush filler off a short turn. They then bend it in to a wide oxer with barnyard standards in six strides and continue straight in a forward over a vertical with a heavy flanked stone pillars.

They then head across the other diagonal to a white gate with sheep hurdles to guide them in. They continue straight in a cruising four strides to the first combination on course 8ABC which is an oxer-vertical-oxer line ridden in short two strides to a longer one stride.

Riders go back through the corner to a vertical off the short turn over a straight-up-and-down vertical, bending in five strides to a vertical-oxer combination in one stride, short three strides to fence 11, which is a replica of the old military-style fences seen in the 1920s, a wide box with no wings and a pole precariously placed on top.

Riders finish with a sweeping left turn in six or seven strides to a skinny, rustic oxer set on the short side.

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