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WEG Endurance Race To Restart After Riders “Misdirected” To Wrong Trail



Mill Spring, N.C.—Sept. 12

The endurance race at the FEI World Equestrian Games has been halted and scheduled to restart after riders were directed down the wrong trail on the first loop of the race.

“As some teams were unfortunately misdirected at the start of today’s endurance ride, the competition will be stopped at the first vet gate and restarted as a 120-kilometre championship,” stated an official release from the Fédération Equestre Internationale. “In order to ensure that all horses are fit to compete they will all go through the vet check. Only horses that have passed the vet check will be allowed to compete. No substitution of horses will be allowed.

“The restart of the ride will take place 45 minutes after the last horse has been inspected at the vet gate,” the statement continues.


U.S. rider Kelsey Russell on Fireman Gold (right) come down the stretch into the first vet box. Photo by Ann Glavan.


The race will restart when the final rider enters this vet box and goes through their 45-minute hold. Photo by Ann Glavan.

U.S. Equestrian Federation Director of Sport Will Connell has met with the ground jury and as of publication was waiting for the U.S. riders to come in to the first vet box.

“Our horses are still out following their plan, and we will make sure they’re looked after and prepared for whatever comes next,” Connell said. “We’ve got a great crew, and horse welfare is very important, but we also want to make sure we can deliver the best performance possible in whatever the new race conditions are.

“It’s adapt, overcome, make sure the horses are ready to go,” Connell continued.



U.S. rider Kelsey Russell seemed in good spirits coming into the first vet check aboard Fireman Gold. Photo by Ann Glavan.


U.S. rider Gwen Hall on Sizedoesntmatter trotted the final run up to the vet box. Photo by Ann Glavan.

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