Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023

USOC Grants USEF Motion To Dismiss Glefke And Farmer Complaint



The U.S. Olympic Committee Hearing Panel has granted the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s Motion to Dismiss a Complaint filed against it by Larry Glefke and Kelley Farmer.

Glefke and Farmer filed their complaint with the USOC, which oversees national sports governing bodies like USEF, in May. They stated they weren’t given due process in their hearing and that USEF’s test laboratory mishandled their blood samples, making the positive tests invalid.

After a two-day hearing before the USEF Hearing Committee June 6-7, Glefke and Farmer were found in violation of USEF drug rules. As a result of the violations, Glefke and Farmer are currently serving a 24-month and 18-month suspension, respectively.

Glefke and Farmer directed the Chronicle to their attorney for comment on USOC’s decision.


“The ruling on the motion was completely anticipated,” said attorney Michael Romm. “All it means is we didn’t exhaust our administrative remedies at the USEF level; it’s not a comment on the actual merits of our complaint.”

Romm and Glefke and Farmer’s legal team say they will file for another hearing with USEF to argue the merits of their specific case and their complaints about the hearing process itself, and should that hearing be unsatisfactory they intend to refile a complaint with the USOC.

Glefke and Farmer’s suspensions began July 1.

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