Wednesday, May. 29, 2024

USEF Names New Appointees To International Disciplines Council And Endurance Sport Committee



The U.S. Equestrian Federation has approved the appointment of Jan Stevens (Ashland, Montana) to the International Disciplines Council, and Cheryl Newman (Candler, North Carolina), Natalie Muzzio (Clifton, Virginia), Lisanne Dorion (Williston, Florida), Meg Sleeper (Frenchtown, New Jersey), and Carolyn Hock (Riverside, California) to the Endurance Sport Committee. These appointments will remain in place until, or if, a new endurance affiliate is approved by the USEF Board of Directors, at which point the appointments would revert to the affiliate.

The ESC works closely with U.S. Endurance Technical Advisor and Chef d’Equipe Mark Dial and USEF Director of Endurance Kristen Brett. Areas of focus for the ESC include clearly defining pathways for athletes within the sport, growing the sport of endurance within the U.S., and building a strong base at the national level for endurance athletes to expand into international levels of competition.


As a part of these efforts, USEF recently announced that it will host its inaugural Endurance National Championships at the 2019 North American Endurance Championship, held from Nov. 14-16, at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, South Carolina. U.S. endurance combinations will vie for USEF National Champion and Reserve National Champion honors at the CEI1*/CEIYJ1* and CEI2*/CEIYJ2* levels.




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