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USEF Limits Non-Member Participants To One Show Pass Per Competition Year



Starting Dec. 1, U.S. Equestrian Federation non-members may purchase only one “show pass” per a competition season. Previously, there was no limit on how many show passes an individual could purchase in a competition year.

A show pass is a fee that allows a non-member to compete at a USEF-recognized competition. Show pass users are not eligible to earn any points toward year-end awards or for qualifying purposes.

The new policy, which was passed as an extraordinary rule change by the USEF board of directors following a proposal during the mid-year board meeting in June, has a number of key points:

• Non-members who must pay a show pass fee include riders, drivers, handlers, vaulters, longers, owners, lessees and agents.


• The show pass can only be purchased online.

• Anyone acting as a coach, trainer or legal guardians signing entry blanks as coaches or trainers on the behalf of a minor must be a USEF senior active member in good standing.

“These changes were adopted to streamline the membership process and further support safety, education, awareness, and accountability amongst coaches, trainers, and parents,” according to a Tuesday press release from USEF.

Additional Resources:
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