Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023

USDF Expands Breeder Of Distinction Awards To Include Dressage Performance Successes



The U.S. Dressage Federation has announced an expansion to the USDF Breeder of Distinction Awards with three new levels of achievement: ruby, sapphire and platinum-diamond. The new ruby and sapphire levels will recognize breeders whose horses have not only been successful in USDF Breeders Championship Series competitions but also in dressage performance competitions.

Previously recognizing USDF Breeders of Distinction at bronze, silver and gold levels, these new awards further enhance USDF recognition of accomplished breeders. The USDF Ruby Breeder of Distinction Award is designated for breeders who have earned their USDF bronze BOD award and have met additional criteria in both USDFBCS competitions and dressage performance competitions at third level or above. Recipients of the USDF Sapphire Breeder of Distinction Award must have earned their USDF ruby BOD award and met additional criteria in dressage performance competition at Prix St. Georges and above. The USDF platinum-diamond BOD award is bestowed on those who have achieved all their USDF Breeder of Distinction Awards (bronze, silver, gold, ruby and sapphire).

As with all USDF Breeder of Distinction awards, these new levels are cumulative awards, with scores not needing to be earned in one competition year and breeders may only be awarded once at each BOD level but may be awarded BOD multiple levels within the same year.


USDF Sport Horse Committee Chair Kristi Wysocki said, “U.S. breeders represent one of the most important resources for the U.S. dressage community. It is our privilege to present our successful breeders with recognition so greatly deserved. As we continue to promote U.S. dressage breeding stock, special recognition provided through the USDF Breeder of Distinction Awards, allows USDF to better highlight the success of U.S. breeders.”

To learn more about USDF Breeder of Distinction Awards, access full award criteria and requirements, and explore other USDF award offerings, visit the USDF website.




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