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USA Equestrian Trust Opens 2019 Grants Program For Equine Non-Profits



The USA Equestrian Trust is now accepting proposals from IRS-registered equine non-profit organizations for its 2019 grants program.

To submit an application, visit and complete the online form. Any organization applying must submit copies of its IRS non-profit determination letter and most recent Form 990, as well as a proposed budget for its project. The deadline to submit applications for the foundation’s 2019 grants program is April 24.

Skye Anna Nye-Smith teaches Tale Of The Heart to dance at the Harmony Horsemanship clinic organized by Second Chance Thoroughbreds. Photo by Collette Duddy, Second Chance Thoroughbreds.

The Trust’s financial support has been dedicated largely but not exclusively for initiatives that are productive across several national-level disciplines and/or breed boundaries. The Trust welcomes applications for need-based projects and encourages applicants to detail those in their applications. Among the past recipients of Trust funding are:


Second Chance Thoroughbreds: $1,200 was awarded in 2017 to fund an educational workshop on retraining Thoroughbreds. “Without the grant from USA Equestrian Trust, Second Chance Thoroughbreds would not have been able to bring expert trainers Steuart Pittman or Lindsey Partridge to our rural area location in Spencer, NY,” said Executive Director Collette Duddy.

The Livestock Conservancy: $10,500 was awarded in 2017 to support a summit on endangered breeds. “The greatest accomplishment of the gathering was to bring together a wide diversity of breed groups, scientists and horse industry leaders in one place to unify their efforts, learn from each other’s expertise and collectively work toward common goals,” said Senior Program Manager Jeannette Beranger. “A year later, the ripple effects are still being felt throughout this community, opening doors to new markets and reproductive technologies previously underutilized or even unknown by most rare breed owners. The effect of the grant money was more than any of us could have imagined, giving all involved a solid sense of direction and the tools to accomplish meaningful breed conservation across the country and beyond.”

Funding available for USA Equestrian Trust grants includes more than $28,000 reserved for hunter and jumper non-profit programs and activities in California and Nevada. Applicants for this fund should make clear their intention to apply for grants available from this specific reserve.





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