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UPDATED: 2015 Rolex Kentucky CCI**** Withdrawals

Who's off the start list of the 2015 Rolex Kentucky CCI****.


The Rolex Kentucky CCI**** released its draw order on April 7 for this year’s record 88 entries. But names are already coming off the list due to last-minute injuries and re-routes. We’ll update the withdrawals on this page.

Jennifer McFall and High Times

 Jennifer McFall withdrew High Times on April 8 after announcing via her Dragonfire Farm Facebook page that the horse sustained an injury.

“I am very sad to say ‘Billy’ and I will not be making the trip to Kentucky this year to compete at Rolex,” she stated. “He has a very slight injury that has come about, and while I could run him and most likely everything would be OK, after consulting with my veterinary team, my coach and my family, we have decided that with Billy being so young and having such a promising future ahead, even though the risks are not big, they are still risks we are not willing to take.

“If anything happened to Billy as a result of my choosing to run him knowing that the risks of injury are increased at this time, I could never forgive myself. This has been a very hard decision, but I know that it is the right one, and in the best interest of my horse for the future first and foremost,” continued the Wilton, Calif., rider.

McFall is now aiming Billy, an 11-year-old Holsteiner (Hunter—Gerda I, Tin Rocco) gelding who made his Rolex debut last year, towards an international event later in the season.

 Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville

Sinead Halpin announced the withdrawal of “Tate” on her Facebook page April 9.

“We both thought it would just be [too]sad if the fourth Fox-Pitt baby didn’t have a [Rolex] watch! All joking aside Tate is feeling just fine but having missed some gallops and hoping to give the Olympics one more try we will be cheering from the sidelines,” she wrote.


Emilee Libby and Nonsensical 

“He aggravated a splint on his right front,” said Libby of Nonsensical. “He’s a little bit tender now, and he would probably be fine to go the week of and run, but he’s going to be missing a good portion of his conditioning and it’s not worth it. For me, there’s Rolex every year, but I’m not going to have a horse every year. I’m just going to save him. I’ll probably aim to do Rebecca [Farms CCI*** (Mont.)] and then maybe something overseas—Blenheim and maybe Burghley. It kind of sucks. I’ve given him a few days to see what the splint was going to do, and it’s just not worth it.”

William Fox-Pitt and Parklane Hawk

Horse & Hound reports that Fox-Pitt is aiming Parklane Hawk for the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton CCI**** in England instead. Fox-Pitt also withdrew Freddie Mac on April 13. 

 Zachary Brandt and Cavallino Cocktail

Liz Halliday-Sharp and HHS Cooley

Maddy Mazzola and Mojito

Mazzola withdrew Mojito on April 13.

Andreas Dibowski and FRH Butts Avedon


The German rider withdrew his four-star mount on April 13. In a post on his Facebook page, Dibowski said he was unhappy with U.S. quarantine restrictions that wouldn’t allow his groom to be with his horse for a period of time. He tried to get a late entry into the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials CCI**** (England), but was denied by organizers.

Allison Springer and Arthur

Springer announced her withdrawal of Arthur on April 16, via her Facebook page, after the horse sustained a minor injury.

“His wellbeing for the long term has and will always be something that no matter what is my top priority,” she wrote. “I would like to thank Arthur’s incredible owners, my sponsors, friends and family for their support during this time, and wish everyone competing this year the best of luck.”

Boyd Martin and Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa’s name came off the entry list on April 16. Martin still has Crackerjack and Master Frisky entered. 

Hallie Coon and Namaste

Courtney Cooper and Who’s A Star

Cooper announced the withdrawal of her homebred, Who’s A Star, on her Facebook page April 20. 

“What was originally thought to be a small issue revealed a bone bruise after more diagnostics,” she wrote. “We felt that the concussion of the cross-country test would be too much to expect given his bruise. We are expecting him to make a full recovery and hopefully to have a great fall season!”



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