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The United States Leads After Round 1 of Nations Cup Competition

Oct. 27—Guadalajara, Mexico



Oct. 27—Guadalajara, Mexico

The U.S. team didn’t log a single fault in Nations Cup competition this morning to hold onto their lead in the team competition at the Pan American Games. McLain Ward led the charge on Antares F, followed up by a brilliant clear by Christine McCrea on Romantovich Take One. Kent Farrington improved on his two-rail performance on Uceko yesterday, and anchor rider Beezie Madden and Coral Reef Via Volo wrapped up the day with another perfect round to help the United States maintain their score of 2.9 over Brazil.

The Brazilian team—Álvaro Miranda Neto (AD Norson), Bernardo Alves (Bridgit), Karina Johannpeter (SRF Dragonfly de Joter) and Rodrigo Pessoa (HH Ashley)—matched the United States’ perfect rounds and sits on yesterday’s mark of 7.98.


The U.S. team took the lead yesterday by a narrow margin over Mexico, but that team faltered when yesterday’s overall third-placed rider, Daniel Michan, picked up three rails and a time fault. Mexico currently sits third.

Riders will return to jump the same course at 2 p.m. CDT to determine the team medals.

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