Friday, Sep. 22, 2023

U.S. Center For SafeSport Lifts Temporary Suspension For Serio, Adds Names To Sanctions List



The U.S. Center for SafeSport has lifted the temporary suspension of Tommy Serio effective July 23, making him eligible to participate in all U.S. Equestrian Federation competitions.

Four additional names have been added to the SafeSport sanctions list within the last week. Three individuals have been permanently banned. These include James Giorgio, with the reason cited as criminal disposition. Giorgio, of Broad Brook, Connecticut, participated in Morgan sport. Phil Godsey, Blountville, Tennessee, who was involved in Hackney/Roadster and Saddlebred horses, has also been banned for criminal disposition. Luis Rodriguez was banned with the reason cited as sexual misconduct involving a minor. Rodriguez, from Prior Lake, Minnesota, is from the Saddlebred world.

Michael Keough has been placed on an interim suspension after an allegation of misconduct. Keough, Essex, Massachusetts, participates in hunters.


The USEF website has a SafeSport section listing all individuals who have been sanctioned for violating the code. There are several types of suspensions: suspensions with a set end date, expulsion (which kicks members out but allows individuals to reapply for re-instatement after a set period of time), and permanent ineligibility. It also lists interim suspensions, in which certain individuals being investigated by SafeSport investigators may not compete until the end of the investigation.

You can see the full list on the USEF website.

For more information about SafeSport, check out our story about the program.




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