Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023

Tom O’Mara Nominated For USEF President



The U.S. Equestrian Federation Nominating Committee has selected Tom O’Mara as the official nominee for USEF president. O’Mara has served on the USEF Board of Directors for the past four years and the past two years in the role of secretary/treasurer.

“The Nominating Committee is pleased to put Tom O’Mara forward for the role of President of the Federation,” said Judy Sloan, the 2020 USEF Nominating Committee Chairperson. “Given Tom’s diverse and deep background in finance, governance, community leadership and equestrian sport, we feel he is the ideal candidate to guide the Federation’s Board and Management team into the future.”

O’Mara led the Drugs and Medications/Lab Review Task Force, which thoroughly evaluated alternatives and made the recommendation to transfer the USEF testing lab to the University of Kentucky. He has also served on the Competitions Task Force as an active contributor. O’Mara built a successful career in the world of investment banking over a 30-year period but importantly has a demonstrated passion and commitment to equestrian sport in many capacities.

He spent years as an active and supportive parent and husband with five O’Mara riders: his wife, Liz, and their four children, Casey, Abby, Meg, and T.J. He also took his commitment to the next level through his volunteer board roles at USEF and the National Collegiate Equestrian Association National Advisory Board, of which he was the co-chair and now remains an active member. He prepared a thorough and convincing expression of interest for the Nominating Committee, indicating that he would continue to carry forward the vision to bring the joy of horse sports to as many people as possible.

“I strongly support the Nominating Committee’s selection of Tom O’Mara as my successor as USEF President,” said Murray Kessler, USEF President. “Tom is passionate about equestrian sport, is deeply experienced on USEF committees and the board, has unique experience with intercollegiate equestrian sports, and understands the importance of each of our 29 breeds and disciplines. He also brings real-world business experience to the position, which I found incredibly important over the past four years. I urge the board and membership to support his candidacy.”


Upon board approval, Tom will continue to serve in his role as secretary/treasurer until officially taking office as USEF President in January 2021. Kessler will continue to serve in his current role during this same time period.

The election will take place at the USEF Board of Directors’ Mid-Year Meeting, scheduled for June 22-23. The meeting will be held virtually to support ongoing efforts to minimize gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The USEF Mid-Year meeting will be open to up to 1000 people, including the media and USEF members, with further details available in the coming days regarding the schedule and how to register for the meeting.

In addition to the election, this is the first year that all rule changes will be submitted to the USEF Board of Directors for approval during the 2020 Mid-Year Meeting.






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