The Times They Are A-Changin'

Nov 29, 2014 - 7:52 AM
Katy Groesbeck is settling into her new home in Ohio, and buying a lot of layers!

A lot can change in a month—ask me how I know! It’s crazy to me that I am writing this blog from my very own cozy barn office at Redtail Ridge Farm. It may be 19 degrees and snowing outside but it’s a comfortable 70 in here and I have a picture window view into the indoor arena—24/7 reality TV!

Although I was initially daunted by my move to Ohio, I can happily report that I am 110 percent satisfied with my new home. Not only is Columbus a fun and charming city, but the 30 minute drive out to the barn every day affords me a few moments to take in some of the beautiful farmland east of the city.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of Ohio when I made the move, but I can tell you that I was definitely not expecting the rolling cornfields and meandering tree lines dotted with farmhouses and cattle barns.  It very much reminds me of the heartland of California’s farming country, where I grew up, and I suppose that’s why I feel so much at home here.

Another huge contributing factor is the incredibly and unbelievably warm welcome that I have received since I first posted on Facebook that I was relocating to Redtail Ridge. I have gotten email after email welcoming me to Area VIII and the Central Ohio horse community. Some of the messages included inquiries about lessons but several were simply: “Welcome to Ohio! We’re happy to see you here!”

Sally Crane, the owner of the farm, has been nothing but generous and gracious, and helped to accommodate my horses’ and my every need thus far. The boarders are friendly and have been full of helpful insights as I learn to deal with snow and freezing temperatures (layers!! And more layers!!). Although my car has Ohio plates now, they can spot a Cali girl from half a mile off. And let me tell you, the advice is not only much appreciated but also much needed!

There have definitely been some huge adjustments to make. It is a bit strange to be setting my own schedule again and it feels odd to not be overseeing every second of the day at the barn. After coming from a program where I was part of the workforce from the first scrap of hay in the morning to the last drop of water at night, to now have the choice to ride early or late and which day to give the horses off—it’s way too much freedom all at once and oddly overwhelming!

But now that I’m starting to fall into a routine and people are beginning to schedule lessons regularly, I am getting my groove back and am feeling more and more content. Next week I will start cleaning stalls for the farm every morning, Monday-Thursday, followed by afternoons of riding and teaching. I think once I am logging full days with a little elbow grease thrown in again, I will feel much better.  

Wort and Ruler are both LOVING their new home, I think as much as I do. The first snow was a bit of a shock to them but they recovered quickly. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them throwing snowballs across the pastures soon. Ruler is only casually in work right now as I am trying to give him a rest after his first season as a big bada$$ event horse, but there is still plenty of homework to do this winter in preparation for some move-ups in 2015. 

In other exciting news, I am happy to announce that Wort is pairing up with young rider Anna Robinson to help her pursue her dream of riding at NAJYRC for Area VIII before she heads off to college at the University of Kentucky. I am really excited to see them develop as a team and I can’t wait to see them compete. It will be a fun winter watching them as they get to know each other and I hope you can join me in wishing them the very best of luck together!

Until next time, hopefully you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, two-legged and four.

Happy trails,

After uprooting her life on the West Coast for a chance to work with Buck Davidson and BDJ Equestrian, blogger Katy Groesbeck is now stepping out on her own and setting up shop in Ohio. Follow her adventures along with her trusty steeds, Wort and Ruler, as she gets KG Eventing off the ground and makes her way into the world as a self-employed professional horsewoman in 2015!

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