Things Grooms Are Thankful For

Dec 12, 2013 - 1:33 AM
A quick kiss on the nose can really improve a day!

Tis the season for being thankful, so here goes! A rundown of the things that make a groom (or any horse owner!) very happy indeed…

White horses that bypass rolling for grazing


Detangled tails

Hind leg straps with working parts


Wool coolers

Velcro that cooperates

Braids that stay in

Homemade cookies

Mmmm, cookies.

Great prizes at horse shows

Dirt that stays outside

A good broom

Bridle keepers that stay where you put them

Working ice machines

Wraps that magically get rerolled

Roller buckles

White saddle pads

When the haynet fairy mysteriously packs and hangs the haynets

A perfect dandy brush

Cooperative ponies

Dodging sneezes in the nick of time

When horses and the people they own say “thank you” for taking care of them

Kissing that perfect spot behind a horse’s ears

Untangled polo wraps

Waterproof muck boots

A good pitch fork


Perfect horse show weather

Time to eat lunch

A perfectly banged tail

Horses that tolerate Halloween costumes

Some horses enjoy turnout… too much!

A clean aisle

Equines that enjoy turnout… but not too much

Bottles and lids that don’t leak

A perfectly packed show trunk

Free hats!

The perfect hoofpick, that never gets lost

Plenty of carrots and apples

Time with friends and family

Perfectly organized cross ties

Barn dogs and cats that snuggle well

A jacket that doesn’t smell like the barn

When waterproof actually means waterproof

When the extras that you packed for the horse show were necessary in the nick of time

Good horse show food


Phones that avoid water buckets

Farriers who are on time


Hooking up the trailer on the first try

When the horse’s massage therapist has five extra minutes for you

Chronicle blogger Lauren Keeton is head groom at Jan and Amy Ebeling’s The Acres. She also appeared in a story “A Good Groom Is A Horse’s Home Base” in the Sept. 9, 2013 Horse Care issue of the Chronicle


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