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The Clothes Horse, Summer Barn Edition – All You Need For Your Barn In The Summer



Managing your herd through the hot and buggy months can be its own adventure sometimes. Take our advice to make life as easy as possible. 

Shires 3-D Mesh Fly Mask With Fringe Nose

What does it take for a fly mask to get a five-star review? You might want to ask the 3-D Mesh Mask With Fringe Nose if you’re curious, because it has plenty of them. Human reviewers love how this mask stays in place. If the horses could talk, they might remark on the mask’s soft ears and its Air Motion technology, which provides plenty of cooling airflow for faces. The nose fringe keeps flies off sensitive muzzles. Available at; $39.99. 

Absorbine UltraShield EX Fly Spray

Everyone has a favorite fly spray, and for many people online, that favorite is UltraShield EX. The spray boasts a 4.8-star rating on Absorbine’s website and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon (with more than 1,000 reviews). The water-based spray repels more than 70 species of bugs, including numerous types of flies, gnats, ticks and mosquitoes, and lasts up to 17 days in all kinds of weather. Available in numerous size options, ranging from a 32-ounce spray bottle ($34.95) to a 4-gallon case ($295.99).

American Stalls Horse Stall Gate

Listen, if you are still using an old-school, rusty Stall Guard, we’re here to pass on some good news. There’s a better way. Our Stall Gates are a heavy-duty, luxurious alternative to what you’re used to seeing at barns. Improve your barn’s ventilation with our Stall Gates. They feature a European Yoke Opening, an attractive mesh bottom, and exceptionally strong steel. Our Stall Gates with Yokes are well suited for larger horse breeds – including warmbloods, draft horses, and thoroughbreds. Rest assured, our Stall Gates are the strongest, safest, and most elegant stall guards in the industry.
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Horseware Ireland Rambo Fly Buster With No-Fly Zone

We all know and love one of those horses— one who is driven mad by the buzzing of a single fly and who breaks into hives at the mere mention of a bug in the vicinity of their delicate skin. Keep that special friend safe and happy this season with the Rambo Fly Buster With No-Fly Zone, which covers nearly every area possible, including sensitive bellies. The hood is removable, and the sheet also has 65% UV protection. Horseware notes this model is made from their most durable fly sheet material, but it still allows for breathability. Available from numerous online retailers, including at$175.96-$219.95, depending on size. 

Spalding Labs Fly Predators

Fly spray is great, but to truly cut down on your farm’s pest population, you need to kill them at the source—and that’s where fly predators come in. Go to the Spalding site, enter your zip code and how many animals you have, and the company will recommend how many fly predators you need and on what schedule. Pricing options vary.

Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose

Is there anything more annoying than a kinked hose, especially when you’re trying to give your mount a well- deserved cooling shower? Enjoy a full season of uninterrupted bathing and watering sessions thanks to the Flexogen Super Duty Hose, which is billed as the lightest and strongest hose in its class. Available in 1/2″ and 5/8″ diameters, in four different lengths, ranging from 25′-100′. Pricing depends on your options. Visit for a list of online retailers. 



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