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The Chronicle’s 2022 Holiday Pets Gallery



Every year we ask readers to submit their animals dressed in their holiday best, and the photos never disappoint. We’ve compiled some of this year’s images to share with you!


Hannah Spector_Belle Amie Maserati

Belle Amie Maserati, Beaverton, Ore. Submitted by Hannah Spector; photographed by Ella Chedester Photography.

Tricia Costa

Ruby (left) and Stella, Verona, N.J. Submitted by Tricia Costa.

Terry Luzader_Angel

Angel, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Submitted by Terry Luzader; photographed by Cait Boblitt.

Sydney Sawyer

Teddy (left) and Hershey Kiss, Clifton, Va. Photographed and submitted by Sydney Sawyer.

Storm Dec 20

Storm, Regina, Saskatchewan. Photographed and submitted by Mark Yeomans.

Stephanie Byrne

Charlotte, Los Angeles. Submitted by Stephanie Byrne; photographed by Pet Shot Studios.

Stacy Rothberg-Rolfe_dwarfs xmas

Rescue dwarf miniature horses residing at R&R Ranch Miniature Horse Sanctuary in St. Louis. Photographed and submitted by Stacy Rothberg-Rolfe.

Bonnie Kibbie_Clover

Bonnie Kibbie, VMD, and Clover, Unionville, Pa. Submitted by Bonnie Kibbe; photographed by Amy Dragoo.

Ryder Russo and Nemo

Ryder Russo and Nemo, Huntington, N.Y. Submitted by Diana Russo; photographed by Katy VanHemlond Photography.

Rebekah Farber_Phoebe

Phoebe, Encino. Calif. Submitted by Rebekah Farber.

Nina McMenamin_Morgan_Herman

Morgan (left) and Herman, Chester Springs, Pa. Photographed and submitted by Nina McMenamin.

Natassja Voltin

Pillywiggins, Woolwich, Maine. Submitted by Natassja Voltin.

Nancy Roth, DVM_Butters

Butters, Berger, Mo. Photographed and submitted by Nancy Roth, DVM.

Margo Clegg_Rafiki and Felurian

Rafiki and Felurian, Bath County, Va. Photographed and submitted by Margo Clegg.

M. Samdahl_Cali

Cali, Lexington, Va. Submitted by M. Samdahl.

Lisa Brockman and Rhett

Lisa Brockman and Rhett, Fairfax Station, Va. Submitted by Lisa Brockman; photographed by Sydney Sawyer.

Lin Phillips

Briarwood ONX, Vancouver Island, British Colombia. Submitted by Lin Phillips; photographed by Chelsea Hanna of Island Horses Photography.

Leanne Greene

Salty Dawg and her eight elves, Boonville, N.Y. Submitted by Leanne Greene.

Laurie Gray_Liza, Sebastian, Maddie and Scout

Liza, Sebastian, Maddie and Scout, Toronto. Submitted by Laurie Gray.

Laura Mollrich

Laura Mollrich and Pabatsa, San Juan Capistrano, Calif. Submitted by Laura Mollrich; photographed by Sean Simko.

Kristin McCuin

Fenwick, Wellington, Fla. Submitted by Kristin McCuin; photographed by Anne Gittins.

Kim Sheehan_Penny

Penny, Rings Island, Mass. Submitted by Kim Sheehan.

Kerri Ginn

Niamh Nigra (center), Mikey’s Boy and Sully, St. Michaels, Md. Submitted by Kerri Ginn.

Kendra Trainor

Kendra Trainor driving Do Re Mi, Duxbury, Mass. Submitted by Kendra Trainor; photographed by Christine Hill Drown.

Kathy Pinera

Clarence, Emerson, N.J. Photographed and submitted by Kathy Pinera.

Kathi Bruce

Owen, Springfield, Vt. Submitted by Katherine Bruce.

Judith Grace Campbell

Princess Leia, Mokena, Ill. Submitted by Judith Grace Campbell.

Jilly Skelly and Jack

Jill Skelly and Jack, Westborough, Mass. Photographed and submitted by Susan Skelly.

Jennifer Nasceif

Jennifer Nasceif, Teddy and Gypson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Submitted by Jennifer Nasceif.

Jenna Fabino

Addie Crawford with John Rambo (pinto) and Jenna Fabino with Bravo (bay). Submitted by Jenna Fabino; photographed by Samantha Zilberman.

Janice Doyle

Penny, Lexus, Lily and April, Pittstown, N.J. Photographed and submitted by Janice Doyle.

Isabel Phillips and Cherrybrook Bella Vita

Isabel Phillips and Cherrybrook Bella Vita, Durham, N.C. Submitted by Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips; photographed by All In All Photography.

Iggy Hlava

Iggy, Chadds Ford, Pa. Submitted by Alex Hlava; photographed by Lily Weil.

Heather Donesky

Magic, Emmett, Idaho. Submitted by Heather Donesky.


Harlow the corgi and little brother Tripp, Phoenixville, Pa. Submitted by Brooke Schneider.

Fiona_Erin Simon

Fiona, Conventry, Conn. Photographed and submitted by Erin Simon.


Maximus, Nashville, Tenn. Submitted by Erin Shirley; photographed by Emily Thurner.

Elsa Phillips_Krietta Phillips

Elsa, Warren, Vt. Photographed and submitted by Krietta Phillips.

Diana-Jean Cross

Trinket, Calgary, Alberta. Photographed and submitted by Diana-Jean Cross.

Dagger_Antea Kubicek

Dagger, Vancouver, Wash. Photographed and submitted by Antea Kubicek.

Christine Henige_Maple and Hazel_Santa's Helpers

Maple and Hazel, Far Hills, N.J. Submitted by Christine Henige.

Cheryl Byrne

Ivy Luken-Keyes and Dolly, Erskine, Minn. Submitted by Cheryl Byrne.

Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams and Charisme, Tewksbury, N.J. Photographed by Christine Jordan.

Barb Gradin_Mr Boo Elf

Mr. Boo, Post Falls, Idaho. Submitted by Barb Gradin, photographed by Emma Sjoblom.

Victoria Tunis_Meadowridge DayCoach

Meadowridge DayCoach, Virginia Beach, Va. Photographed and submitted by Victoria Tunis.

Sharon Hirsch

Runt, New Haven, Conn. Photographed and submitted by Sharon Hirsch.

Angie Heggood_Murphy and TwoBits

Murphy and TwoBits, Middleburg, Fla. Submitted by Angie Heggood.

Sam Madden_Customized Toy CF and Diva Rockin Sox

Customized Toy CF and Diva Rockin Sox, Phoenix. Submitted by Sam Madden; photographed by Ralph Carr.

M. L. Gardner

Brent, Monica, and Jasper Gardner and pony team Apple Jack and Summer Cloud, Temple, Texas. Submitted by M.L. Gardner, photographed by Catherine Hudspith of Lily Pad Farm.




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