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Sternlicht Enjoys A Triumphant Return To Devon

There was no question, Adrienne Sternlicht was in it to win it. And win she did.


Devon, Pa.—May 30 

Adrienne Sternlicht hasn’t competed at Devon since her years riding ponies, and during her first trip back, she blazed around the Dixon Oval with Quidam MB to take top call in the $20,000 Show Jumping Hall Of Fame Amateur-Owner Classic.

That added to their win in yesterday’s accumulator made them the amateur-owner jumper champions.

“It’s just amazing the amount of spectators we get, and people are so excited and I think it adds a little bit of pressure and a little intensity,” said Sternlicht.

Five advanced to the jump-off, with Haley Gassel qualifying two: Werner 61 and Quite Dark 2. Gassel was the trailblazer with Werner 61, going double clear. But Sternlicht and Quidam MB were looking for a win. From the moment they stepped in the ring, she put her foot on the gas and never let off.

“He has a massive stride, so I really tried to take advantage of that,” Sternlicht said. “Linda [Langmeier], my trainer really believes in me, and she told me to leave out a stride in the first line, and then I saw the leave out again. 

“I was quite nervous to be honest to do that inside turn back on the last double, but once I saw the first horse do it, I’m kind of one of those people like ‘OK fine, I guess I have to do it,’ ” she continued. “He’s incredible. We have a real relationship—I’ve had him for 3 years. We’ve developed together, and he’s such a winner. I feel so lucky to have him, because he’s really, really special to me.”


Gassel’s second mount had a rail to finish third. Melissa Rudershausen and Charmeur Ask lowered two fences took fourth, and Kelsey Thatcher (Athena) were eliminated after two refusals to finish fifth.

Quidam MB is typically a grand prix mount for Sternlicht, but occasionally she drops him down to give him a chance to relax some.

“He’s so careful that sometimes we like to move him down and let him jump some relatively easier classes for him,” she said. “Obviously it was a great result, but I trust him at any level. We have a rapport now where I always have 100 percent faith in him, and I think that’s really special.”

Sternlicht also took home her first leading amateur-owner championship, something she was thrilled to receive.

“I think it holds a show in a certain sort of esteem,” she said. “The environment here, it’s just amazing the amount of spectators we get and people are so excited, and I think it adds a little bit of pressure and a little intensity.”

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