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Spend Memorial Day At Devon Without Leaving The Pool


Devon, Pa.—May 27

Summer is officially upon us if the weather wasn’t indicator enough. As the rest of America celebrates those who’ve sacrificed their lives for our freedom as well as the commencement of pool season with a little dive into the deep end (obviously with Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” playing not so gently in the background), the horse show world honors the only way it knows how: at Devon.

Handing out lots of lemons and turning them into lemonade and lemon sticks, the greater Philadelphia area comes out to the light blue stands to watch the best fancy prancers in America. If you aren’t present because the pool, the beach and the barbecue call you elsewhere, no worries. The Chronicle will bring Devon to you with just a little swipe of your index fingers. Spend Memorial Day with us without even having to stand up.


In case you need a reminder, we’re at Devon, where champions meet. Laura Lemon Photos

The professional hunters started today with 3’6″ green hunters leading the way, and then the green conformation and 3’9″ greens stretching into the late morning and early afternoon. In each division, one horse-and-rider combination dominated the over fences. In the 3’6″ greens, Tara Metzner rode Daylyn Farms’ Lion to the double blue. Then in the green conformation, Scott Stewart won the model, over fences and the flat class on Gochman Sport Horse LLC’s Scandal. A clear crowd favorite, Cheryl Olsten’s Lafitte De Muze basked in the applause and affection with Amanda Steege in the 3’9″ green hunters. Which of these snappy knees would you take home?


Tara Metzner and Lion dominated the 3’6″ greens.


Scott Stewart and Scandal couldn’t be touched in the green conformation.


Lafitte De Muze was knees to nose over every fence with Amanda Steege in the 3’9″ greens.

Still can’t decide? Here are some close ups. Is there a nose you are dying to boop?


Scandal showed how regal he is with Scott Stewart.


Lion modeled his Devon blue.


Lafitte De Muze welcomed all his adoring fans.

And just because this is the oldest and most prestigious horse show in the country, here are some others that we’d be happy to take home.



Jennifer Alfano and Kindred trotted into third place in the first over fences class in the 3’6″ greens.


Chris Wynne and Correlation took second place in the second over fences class in the 3’6″ greens.


A little pause to go “Look, Daddy, a horsey!!”


Hobbs Lane and Maria Rasmussen took second in the first over fences class in the green conformation.


John Bragg and Pritchard Hill took third in the second over fences class in the green conformation.


Holly Orlando took second place in the first round of the 3’9″ greens on Alright.


Will Roberts and Who Dat took a second and a third home in the over fences of the 3’9″ greens.

Need a little shade after watching all those hunters? Come swipe with us and get refreshed.


Come sit and get a lemon stick.


Forget there is even a show and join the carnival.


Ice cream, prizes and horses—what more could you want?


The famous Ferris wheel!

Make sure you grab some fudge and wander back to watch some of the fun exhibitions before the adult jumper night class.


Come cheer at the Shetland Pony races!


The afternoon brings entertainment like the Pair Horses – Pleasure Turnout.


Even attire is taken into consideration to determine the winner.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us Chroniclers at Devon!

The Chronicle will be on site all week bringing you beautiful photos, daily reports and more. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the June 17 issue for more in-depth stories from the winners. 

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