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A Serious Dressage Session And A Great Night Out

Hello from Day 2 in England,



Hello from Day 2 in England,
Well I had a wonderful flat lesson with Mark today, and I think the thing that made the difference was the figure of eight track that he has. It is not that large, probably 40 meters in each loop, but it really helped get my horse thinking forward and into the connection. Anytime he spooked (which is often), I just sent him forward on that track and more into the bridle. Soon I was doing shoulder-in, haunches-in, counter-canter and flying changes on the track. When I came back into the ring Cooper was almost heavy in my hand (which if you know Cooper is quite amazing). I really feel as though he is going well on the flat.
I also got a taste of a proper English pub this evening. Andrea (who is a friend of James), her guy friend and Petey Alliston came along. The thing that makes this pub special is the fact that a group of the local college kids trashed it and the little town so badly that it was in the national news! Not only did everyone that was on the trip that went to the pub get fined, but so did the school. Turns out they smashed tables, glasses outside the front door and ransacked the town. I’m thinking, “Wow these agricultural students must be wild!”

Andrea’s friend happened to be on that trip and vows that he totally had nothing to do with this…. I find it quite odd how nervous he was at dinner when the subject came up!!!!!
I am including a picture of a sign that was outside the pub asking people to leave quietly.

The other neat thing about the pub was that you could bring dogs!!! All English pubs are like this I guess, and Petey brought Danny whom she loves quite dearly! She also told me that it’s commonly known fact that the English look after dogs and horses more than their children…hehe
That evening I got a taste of college life and went out with Andrea and her friends from the Royal School of Agriculture that is nearby. We went to this lovely dancing establishment called the Rock, and from this, I learned:


1: All the men seem to be more busy jumping on themselves than looking at girls
2: Everyone greets each other by kissing on each cheek
3: I have no desire to be as wild or out of control/intoxicated as some of those people were
4: If you’re a guy who bleached your hair like Eminem in the Real Slim Shady music video, you’re totally cool. Everyone should rock hair that looks almost white.
I had a good time and got to dance, which I haven’t done in forever, but don’t worry everyone, I’ve got my “eye on the prize!” and didn’t go crazy, but I am glad I experienced it.

Talk to everyone tomorrow!
Jennie and Coopa Loopa

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