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Recent Results – May 18

La Baule CSIO*****
La Baule, France, May 13-16



La Baule CSIO*****
La Baule, France, May 13-16

France (Topinambour/Penelope Leprevost, Kellemoi De Pepita/Michel Robert, Lord De Theize/Olivier Guillon, Kraque Boom/Kevin Staut, 4) won the Meyden FEI Nations Cup over the United States (Cristallo/Richard Spooner, Quincy B/Hillary Dobbs, Urico/Mario Deslauriers, Sapphire/McLain Ward, 8) and Germany (Chacco Blue/Alios Pollmann-Schweckhorst, Lacapo/Alexander Hufenstuhl, Lassen Peak/Rebecca Golasch, Souvenir 29/Phillipp Weishaupt, 12). McLain Ward & Blue Chip Bloodstock’s Sapphire (Ward, 0-0/36.00) won the $248,539 Grand Prix Longines De La Ville over Jane Clark’s Urico (Deslauriers, 0-0/36.95) and Sol Daurella Comadran’s Lord Du Mont Milon (J. Garmendia Echevarria of Sprain, 0-0/39.18). Kaylen Spooner’s Pako (Richard Spooner, 0/162.00) won the $62,140 Derby De La Region Des Pays De La Loire over Cria Caballar’s Commissario (Julien Epaillard of France, 4/145.64) and Pro Horse International’s Ulysse X (Pius Schwizer of Switzerland, 4/156.37). Coral Reef Ranch’s Coral Reef Vio Volo (Beezie Madden, 0/69.09) won the $24,853 Prix Groupe Lucien Barriere over Harah De Hus’ Le Prestige St. Lois (Kevin Staut of France, 0/69.25). Ashland Stables & Torrey Pines’ Hickstead (Eric Lamaze of Canada, 0/72.45) won the $24,853 Prix Du Conseil General De Loire Atlantique over Monsieur Bertrand Darier’s Noblesse Des Tess (René Lopez of Colombia, 0/74.00).

Atlanta Spring Premier
Conyers, Ga., May 12-16

McLain Ward’s Galant (Angel Karolyi) won the $25,000 Atlanta Spring Premier Grand Prix over Mrs. Charles Bostwick’s Sympa (Daniel Geitner). Hunter champions included: green—Water Music (Janet Salem); green conformation—Marquis (Lee Cesery); amateur-owner, 18-35—Don’t Call Me Monday (Stephanie Zimmerman); amateur-owner, 36 & over—(tie) Formality (Sandy Gregory) & Springsteen (Kimberley Quinn); low amateur-owner—Vermilion (Ainsley Sadlo); small junior, 15 & under—Marvelous (James Fisher); large junior, 15 & under—Cavallino (Marlena Parker); small junior, 16-17—La Canto (Fisher); large junior, 16-17—Mio (Mary Guynn); small pony—Rico Suavé (Aleece Jarman); medium pony—Shiitake (William Hamryka); large pony—Camelot (Hannah Clements); green pony—Hillcrest Blue Halo (Bill Schaub); adult amateur, 18-35—Champage Castle (Stephanie Zimmerman); adult amateur, 36-45—Oxford (Polly Johnson); adult amateur, 46 & over—Cadbury (Polly Cooley); children’s, 14 & under—Skyy (Gabriella Gianturco); children’s, 15-17—Any Wonder (Avery Griffin); children’s pony—Beaverwood’s Robyn (Bonnie St Charles). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult amateur—Olnia (CDS Stables); high children’s—Dressed Up (Merry Carlos); high adult amateur—W.P. Cadbury (Nelson Long); low junior/amateur-owner—Dirty Dancing (Elizabeth Allen); sections of open—L’Etoile (The L’Etoile Group LLC) & Loredo (Micaela Kennedy).

Poplar Place Farm May Dressage
Hamilton, Ga., May 15-16

FEI-level winners included: sections of adult amateur/junior/young rider Prix St. Georges—Rock Star (Denise Cole, 68.68%) & Vincent (Carden Burdette, 61.57); sections of open Prix St. Georges—Windsong (Heather Beachem, 67.63) & Crimson N Color (Shannon Betts, 62.63); sections of Intermediaire I—Pesoa (Carden Burdette, 66.05 & 62.36); sections of Grand Prix—Plato Carlos (Sandy Osborn, 61.06 & 67.02); FEI junior team, individual & freestyle—Wahlen (Stephanie Bedford, 65.81, 69.47 & 69.25); FEI Young Rider team—Ragtime (Jessica Deimler, 63.15); FEI Young Rider individual—Dream Of Love (Katrin Dagge, 65.26); FEI Young Rider freestyle—Windsong (Beachem, 68.25); sections of 5-year-old—Wolkenkarat (Sophie Clifton, 77.80 & 84.20); 6-year-old—Zefier (Alex Robertson, 78.20).

NEDA Spring Dressage
Marshfield, Mass., May 15-16

FEI-level winners included: sections of Prix St. Georges—Unika (Jennifer Wilson-Horr, 64.34 & 63.15); sections of Intermediaire I—Baffin (Sara Bradley Rollins, 64.07) & Waterhouse (Sarah Geikie, 63.81); sections of Intermediaire II—Regent (Brenna Kucinski, 67.36 & 66.05); sections of Grand Prix—Lawool (Gwyneth McPherson, 63.83 & 64.89); young horse test of choice—DeLauren (Lisa Hyslop, 71.40); Young Rider individual—Ga Deva (Melanie Montagano, 62.23); Young Rider team—Lamborghini Dane (Nicole DelGiorno, 66.18); junior individual—Top (Madeleine Van Vleet, 64.34); junior team & freestyle—Aaron VI (Julia Burtt, 65.27 & 64.50).

Old Salem Farm May I
North Salem, N.Y., May 11-16

Pasmore Stables LLC’s My Boy (Catherine Pasmore, 0-0/38.24) won the $40,000 Old Salem Grand Prix over Cloverleaf Farm’s What Ever (Brianne Goutal, 0-0/40.04). Hunter champions included: first year green—Platinum (Lexi Maounis); second year green—Travino (Heritage Farm); regular working & adult amateur, 36-45—Avalon (Visse Wedell); amateur-owner, 18-35—As You Wish (Candia Fisher); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Arabella (Becky Gochman); small junior, 15 & under—Huntington (Stratford Stables); large junior, 15 & under—C Coast Z (Chansonette Farm LLC); small junior, 16-17—Savannah (Casey Green); large junior, 16-17—Allejandro (Katie Dinan LLC); green pony—Chakko (Graciela Colston); small pony—Flashback (Madeline Schaefer); medium pony—Hearts Desire (Stone Ridge); large pony—Love And Laughter (Olivia Jack); adult amateur, 18-35—Gatsby (Arriana Boardman); adult amateur, 46 & over—Vondel Park (Lucy Close); children’s small/medium pony—Make My Day (Lanes End); children’s large pony—Versace (Lynn Edens); children’s, 14 & under—Penny Lane (Penny Lombardo); children’s, 15-17—Camelot (Aleesha Melwani); low amateur-owner—Varsity (Brook Farm LLC). Jumper champions included: children’s—Malachy (Monomoy Farm LLC); adult amateur—Pedro (Melanie Brown); low junior/amateur-owner—Labell (Drumnacross Farm LTD).

Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering I
Cumming, Iowa, May 12-16

Alex Granato’s Mad Season (Grantato) won the $25,000 Maffit Spring Gathering I Grand Prix over Blair Cudmore’s Ceonto (Karen Cudmore). Hunter champions included: first year green—Sam (Adrienne Iverson); junior—Eastwood (Kate Roach); amateur-owner—Vancouver (Margot Sutherland); low amateur-owner—Galleywood (Lesley Smith); small/medium green pony—See You Again (Emily Elek-Burtard); small pony—Blueberry Hill (Hailey Livingston); medium pony—Hope I’m It (Livingston); large pony—Jessandi Famous Amos (Megan Riege); adult amateur, 18-35—Calligraphy (Molly Hayward); adult amateur, 36 & over—Toby (Brenda Wieczorek); children’s, 14 & under—It’s My Life (Meghan Spheeris); children’s pony—Pippi Longstocking (Christopher Underhill). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult amateur—Balthazar (Julia Mason); high children’s—HP Lambourgini (Daniel Hudlow); low junior/amateur-owner—Platinum (Blair Cudmore).

Kentucky Spring
Lexington, Ky., May 12-16


Daniel Bluman’s Fatalis Fatum (Bluman, 0-0/44.57) won the $55,000 Commonwealth Grand Prix over Todd Minikus LTD’s Pavarotti (Minikus, 0-0/44.65) and Alexa Pessoa’s Madison (Pessoa, 0-0/45.40). G&C Stables & Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal’s G&C Sinatra (Pablo Barrios, 0-0/41.04) won the $30,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic Grand Prix over G&C Stables & Gustavo & Carolia Mirabal’s G&C Blanchee Z (Barrios, 0-0/41.55). Helen Lenahan’s Extraordinary (Jennifer Alfano) won the $10,000 Chronicle Of The Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby over Westerly Farm’s Sailor’s Valentine (Louise Serio). Hunter champions included: green conformation—Trade Winds (Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wheeler); first year green—Taken (Nancy Amling); second year green—Do Tell (Bridget Hallman); regular working—Lonestar (Betsee Parker); regular conformation—Tasty (Showcase LTD); amateur-owner, 18-35—Dream Date (Rachel Geiger); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Bolero (Staci Arani & Marigot Bay Farm); low amateur-owner—Prestwick (Megan Fellows); small junior, 15 & under—MVP (Amelia McArdle); small junior, 16-17—Red Panda (John & Stephanie Ingram LLC); large junior, 15 & under—Blue Steel (Abigail McArdle); large junior, 16-17—Rio Renior (Brad Wolf); green pony—Silver Sails (Keeley Gogul); small pony—Salvandi Kool Kat (Mackenzie Graves); medium pony—Woodlands Tallulah (Camila Conesa); large pony—Simply Henry (Casey Hodges); adult amateur, 18-35—Harvard Yard (Ila Lemonis); adult amateur, 36-49—Eye Remember Rio (Wattership Downs); adult amateur, 50 & over—Nevada (Bruce Duchossois); children’s, 14 & under—Secret Crown (Mattie Worsham); children’s, 15-17—Mactier (Bella Cramer); children’s pony—Rainbeau’s Reflection (Ailish Cunniffe). Jumper champions included: high junior—Flight (Reed Kessler); low amateur-owner—Charming Girl (John & Stephanie Ingram LLC); low junior—Houston (Frances Land); high amateur-owner—The Real Deal (Rachel Cline); high children’s—Chalvino Z (Sloane Coles); high adult amateur—Markos (Sharon Spencer); pony—Little Freebie (Mershad Stables); low adult amateur—Sand Dollar (Jennifer Imhoff); low children’s—Olympia (Noelle Van Pulis).

Fair Hill International May Horse Trials
Elkton, Md., May 15-16

Winners included: open intermediate—Kestrel Key (Sarah Cousins, 35.2); junior/young riders open preliminary—Copper Dancer (Erika Gonzalez, 34.9); sections of open preliminary—Bantry Bays Dublin (Eliza Farren, 33.1) & Catalina (Buck Davidson, 23.6); sections of junior open training—Leviathan (Hannah Simmons, 35.0) & Grand Cru (Nicholas Hansen, 24.5); sections of open training—Double Rivers Really Cool (Kadi Eykamp, 29.1), Dillon (Eykamp, 21.8), Southern Dancer (Karen Rubin, 26.8), Oarsman (Julie Miller, 33.6) & Gold Dust Moon (Allison Springer, 23.2); sections of junior open novice—Benwald (Hayley Smith, 25.7) & On Eagle’s Wings (Emily Arches, 25.7); sections of open novice—Alcatraz (Ryan Wood, 25.2), Finnegan (John Williams, 23.0), Noble (Beth Rall-Durden, 28.7), Remi (Sandra Waltz, 34.4) & Loughin’s Aragorn (Springer, 25.2).

Chattahoochee Hills May Horse Trials & Area III Championships
Fairburn, Ga., May 15-16

Tigger VIII (Anisa Tracy, 45.3) won the CIC** over Call Me Ollie (Becky Holder, 57.9). Jos Ambition (Arden Wildasin, 60.9) won the CIC* over ArdCeltic Art (Donna Miller, 61.7). Winners included: advanced—Exponential (Jessica Phoenix, 33.0); open intermediate—Lo Fino (Tiffani Loudon-Meetze, 28.8). Area III champions included—preliminary horse—Exotic (Phoenix, 32.2); preliminary rider—Holla Vettir (Alison Wilaby, 38.0); junior training rider—Asterix (Hannah Begue, 30.5); senior training rider—Sir Possom (Nikki McCreless, 31.8); training horse—Watch Out (Wildasin, 26.4); junior novice rider—Gisborne (Natalie Scott, 32.6); novice horse—Bigtime Graffiti (Lauren Weil, 25.7); senior novice rider—Axel (Anne Wilson, 29.6); beginner novice horse—Merlyn (Rebecca Hoos, 32.4); junior beginner novice rider—Scusami (Kaylen Moon, 29.1); senior beginner novice rider—Sportsfield Cocktail (Carroll Ann Bowers, 27.6).

Galway Downs Spring Horse Trials
Temecula, Calif., May 15-16

Winners included: open intermediate—Gallipoli II (Tamra Smith, 37.6); open preliminary—Clair Du Lune SE (Robyn Fisher, 29.1); preliminary rider—Compelling Chris (Stephanie Callihan, 39.5); junior training rider—Camberley Z (Natalie Kuhny, 27.3); open training—Capato (Jordan Linstedt, 27.2); senior training rider—Kilpatrick (Cindy Lippon, 26.8); junior novice rider—Prestiges Town Gypsy (Brittany Clark, 27.0); open novice—Sunrijse Sonata (Gina Economou, 23.5); senior novice rider—Bruce Almighty (Margie Davis, 34.0); beginner novice rider—Little Brown Bear (Emily Morton, 42.0); open beginner novice—Ready Or Not (Roberta Jennings, 27.5).

Hitching Post Farm Horse Trials
South Royalton, Vt., May 15-16

Winners included: open preliminary—Trading Aces (Kylie Lyman, 40.7); sections of open training—Fernhill Danforth (Jane Hamlin, 30.0) & Bantry Bay’s Kenny (Lauren Ochs, 29.1); sections of open novice—W. Truman (Brenda Barthelemy, 27.5) & Killeen Clover (Jennifer Eddy, 33.5); junior novice—Imagineer (Margot Popecki, 32.5); beginner novice—LBF O’Leagh’s Image (Ariel Grald, 28.6); sections of junior beginner novice—Independent Thinker (Sydney Johnson, 36.7) & Glendevon’s Man About Town (Hannah Keohane, 27.6).

Greater Dayton Horse Trials
Fairborn, Ohio, May 15-16

Winners included: open preliminary—The Grasshopper (Megan Moore, 32.7); open training—Fanciful Miss (Laura Vello, 31.4); training rider—Sunny Weather (Hannah Hubsch, 32.7); sections of novice rider—Top Secret (Rene Robertson, 25.5) & Presicion Cast (Beth Geiser, 35.5); open novice—Squire’s Cap (Carrie Barrick, 28.5); sections of beginner novice rider—Apollo (Liz Messaglia, 33.8) & Fluff (Aisling Carrott, 30.5); open beginner novice—Nordic Mist (Deborah Iezzi, 26.7).

Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials
Kansas City, Mo., May 15-16

Winners included: open training—Buster Parker (Brandi Taylor, 40.6); junior open training—California Girl (Katherine Hauck, 44.3); open novice—My Sweet Baboo (Chris Heydon, 33.0); junior open novice—Extremely Flammable (Brianna Peddicord, 54.4); beginner novice—Red Alert (Mary Curran, 35.0); junior beginner novice—Kyle (Hannah Stohr, 25.5).


Hamburg CSI***** & CDI***
Hamburg, Germany, May 12-26

Laura Mateo’s Quick Study (Lauren Hough, 0-0/42.46) won the Global Champions Tour of Germany over Cevo Itot Du Chateau (Edwina Alexander of Australia, 0-4/38.43) and Happy Hill Farm’s Cedric (Laura Kraut, 0-4/38.84). Le Bo (Carola Koppelmann of Germany, 76.40%) won the CDI Grand Prix Freestyle over Winyamaro (Catherine Haddad, 70.00) and Sal (Nuno Palma E Santos of Portugal, 69.25). Le Bo (Koppelmann, 69.83) won the Grand Prix over Helenenhof’s Carabas (Oliver Luza of Germany, 69.31) Helenenhof’s Carabas (Luze, 72.08) won the Grand Prix Special over Currency DC (Susan Dutta, 68.66).

Royal Windsor Horse Show
Windsor, England, May 12-16

Boyd Exell of Australia (134.74) won the Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix over Tucker Johnson (149.91) and Rainer Duen of Germany (157.98).

PSJ Highfields May
Aiken, S.C., May 15-16

Hunter champions included: sections of green—Jean Luc (Brenda Terry) & No Parachute (Jordan Burton); sections of pony—Smooth As Silk (Brianna Brickle) & Special Edition (Ashbrook Gwinn); children’s—Mr. Sandman (Taylor Fordham).

Cincinnati Dressage Traditions Spring
Wilmington, Ohio, May 14-16

FEI level winners included: sections of Intermediaire I—Schagall Solyst (Jackie Sharp, 67.36% & 64.47) & Rolex H (Angela Hecker-Jackson, 67.63); sections of Prix St. Georges—Sam Gerida (Rebecca Sue Knollman, 68.15 & 69.73) & Rolex H (Hecker-Jackson, 64.47); freestyle test of choice—Schagall Solyst (Sharp, 64.25); pony team & individual—Willo-The-Wisp BBR (Leonard Behrens, 68.05 & 59.21); junior individual & team—Hojvangs Moonlight (Matthew Manibusan, 67.63 & 65.94); PE Grade IV team & individual—Duel (Jennifer Baker, 68.43 & 70.64).

James River Horse Show
Spotsylvania, Va., May 12-16

Hunter champions included: adult amateur, 18-35—Acadian Gold (Allison Wynn); adult amateur, 36 & over—Lady Like (The Barracks); large junior, 16-17—Peregrine (Adele Norton); first year green & conformation—Casallo (Robert Crandall); second year green/regular working—Quality Control (Margaret Taylor); amateur-owner—Bruce (Twin Oaks Farm LLC); low amateur-owner—Fitzhugh (Grace Stuntz).

LP Tate Spring Classic
Raeford, N.C., May 13-16

Hunter champions included: green conformation—Nickelback (Barnes Brooks); green working—Second To None (Don Sheehan); junior—Cavalier Forever (Joanna Delman); amateur-owner—Rabino (Jessica Brittenham); small/medium pony—Church Mouse (Carly Hoft); large pony—Knock My Soxs Off (Angela Pollex); children’s pony—Wildwynn Jets Reign (Emory Barnes); children’s—Carnivale (Janna Wandzilak); adult amateur, 18-35—Zeven (Willoughby Stables); adult amateur, 36 & over—Happy Hour (Meg Atkinson). Avenlee (Lee Ann Graham) won the low children’s/adult amateur jumper championship.





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