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Recent Results – March 16

Tournament Of Champions
Tampa, Fla., Apr. 6-10



Tournament Of Champions
Tampa, Fla., Apr. 6-10

Triton Ventures & Abigail Wexner’s Armani (Jeffery Welles, 0-0/44.36) won the $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational over Lionshare Farm’s Select (Peter Leone, 0-0/44.87) and Sara Houston & Larry Evoy’s Ole (Marc Cone, 0-12/46.00). G&C Farm & Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal’s G&C Quick Star (Pablo Barrios, 0-0/35.95) won the $30,000 Grand Prix Of Florida over Coral Reef Ranch LLC’s Coral Reef Via Volo (Beezie Madden, 0-0/38.04) and Michael Murphy’s Katina 12 (Murphy, 0-0/38.60). Hunter champions included: green working—Zivago (Top Call Farm); regular working & low amateur-owner—Endo Fino (Lisa Arena); green conformation—Marquis (Lee Cesery); amateur-owner—INXS (Robin Swinderman); small junior—Raquel (Ann Garnett); large junior, 15 & under—Dominick (Hannah Holik); large junior, 16-17—Black Tie Affair (Linnea Carver); adult amateur—Landstrom (Lee Avera); children’s—Twilight (Bill Schaub); children’s pony—Patriot (Chelese Cohn); small pony—Flashback (Madeline Schaefer); medium pony—Rockport (Hannah Holik); large pony—Mystic Pizza (Donald Stewart); green pony—Rafael (Bridlebourne Stables LLC). Jumper champions included: low junior/amateur-owner—Madacascar (Showcase 81 LLC); adult amateur—Shane (Hillary Simpson); children’s—Mio W (Rolling Acres Farm).

Chattahoochee Hills Horse Trials
Fairburn, Ga., Apr. 10-11

Winners included: advanced—Amistad (Michele Mueller, 31.1); open intermediate—The Graduate (Elizabeth Barron, 40.0); open preliminary—Cyrano (Carl Bouckaert, 29.6); preliminary rider—SuperNova (Tracy Corey, 33.8); sections of open training—Havanna’s Orphan Annie (Julie Richards, 31.7) & Absolute-Lee (Carolyn Cadier, 34.6); training rider—Sir Sigmund (Jaclyn McCollum, 27.3); sections of novice rider—Up River (Amy Crownover, 34.0) & Godiva (Courtney Rottgering, 29.6); open novice—Pas De Panique (Maria Brazil, 17.5); beginner novice rider—Finnegan’s Wake (Sabra Tanner, 23.5); open beginner novice—Roam Where You Want To (Alison Kroviak, 35.0).

Plantation Fields Horse Trials
Unionville, Pa., Apr. 10-11

Winners included: open intermediate—Troy (Sarah Cousins, 34.4); junior/young rider open preliminary—Arrow (Alexandra MacLeod, 43.2); divisions of open preliminary—Ularinka (Phillip Dutton, 34.9) & Kestrel Key (Cousins, 34.6); junior open training—Model Cadet (Lee Lee Jones, 27.7); open training—Jazzmine (Wendy Furlong, 35.9); training horse—Cautious Venture (Kurt Martin, 26.4); training rider—Christy White (Nothing To It, 31.7); junior open novice—Creon Z (Jordan Litter, 29.2); novice horse—Pappy (Susan Davis, 27.0); novice rider—Rush Hour (Cheryl Banks, 32.2); open novice—Runaway Patriot (Stephanie Morrongiello, 27.5).

Golden State Dressage Festival CDI
Rancho Murieta, Calif., Apr. 8-11

CDI winners included: Grand Prix Special & Grand Prix—Pfalstaff (Wendy Christoff, 67.25% & 67.06); Intermediaire I freestyle—North Forks Cardi (Jessica Wisdom, 68.50); Intermediaire I & Prix St. Georges—Finally (Mette Rosencrantz, 66.47 & 66.73); Junior Team Test & Junior freestyle—Norseman (Esmee Ingham, 66.27 & 69.95); Junior Individual Test—Waranja (Genay Vaughn, 65.52). FEI-level winners included: sections of Prix St. Georges—Tristan (Elizabeth Hendrix, 67.63), Contester II (Chelsey Sibley, 65.78 & 66.05) & Wellissima (Gina Duran, 67.63); sections of adult amateur/junior/young rider Prix St. Georges—Reve D’Amour (Kimberly Noon-Fishel, 61.84), Sandro Gold (Cherie Vetsch, 61.84) & Devon Heir (Ashlyn DeGroot, 68.68 & 60.00); sections of Intermediaire I—Rudy (Rochelle Kilberg, 67.63), Chicago (Heidi Gaian, 67.10), Reve D’Amour (Noon-Fishel, 63.42) & Bogely’s Maruicio (Jessica Miller, 66.31); sections of Intermediaiare I freestyle—Katharos (Gaian, 65.00 & 68.87); sections of Intermediaire II—Trademark (Sibley, 63.15), Chicago (Gaian, 60.78), Johnny (D’Re Stergios, 63.94) & Paris (Kathy Everman, 59.60); adult amateur/junior/young rider Intermediaire II—Johnny (Stergios, 62.36); sections of Grand Prix—Rondo (Alexsandra Howard, 63.40 & 60.34) & Lauwersmeer (Sibley, 57.66 & 59.25); Grand Prix Special—Divinity 3 (Tayna Vik, 55.20); Grand Prix freestyle—Madore (Jodie Kennedy-Baker, 64.75); Junior Team Test—Norseman (Ingham, 65.67); 5-Year Old Test—Amethyst (Willy Arts, 73.60); 6-Year Old Test—Zalona DG (Arts, 73.20); Para-Equestrian Team Test & Para-Equestrian Individual Test—Midis (Barbara Grassmyer, 65.92 & 63.66).

Equestrian Sport Productions LLC 4
Wellington, Fla., Apr. 7-11

Cloverleaf Farm’s Casar (Brianne Goutal, 0-0/39.56) won the $25,000 Equestrian properties Grand Prix over Scott Hakim’s Great Pleasure (Brian Walker, 0-0/39.98). Hunter champions included: adult amateur—Lansing (Richard Schechter); children’s pony—Jetset (The Ridge Farm); green pony—Stardom (Paige Coles); green working & small junior—Aljano Jr. (CME Holdings); children’s—Levantos (Linda Krat); large junior—Breathtaking (Paula Polk Lillard); large pony—For The Laughter (Betsee Parker); medium pony—Simply Magical (Marigot Bay Farm); small pony—Elation (Betsee Parker). Jumper champions included: low amateur-owner/junior—Scaraberas (Starbit Partners); children’s/adult—Timba (Lynn Yoos); low children’s—Esther 126 (Brianne Link).

Ledges Winter Series
Roscoe, Ill., Apr. 8-11

Hunter champions included: green/regular working—Pay It Forward (Blue Clover Hill LLC); green pony—Count Chocula (Lily Deer); small pony—Stonewall Surprise (Emily Elek-Burtard); medium/large—Scarlet Begonia (Shelby Litwin); children’s—Pouwer (Perfecta Farm); large junior/amateur-owner—Beaucoup (Christy Deming); adult amateur—Gucci (Judy Lefferdink). Jumper champions included: pony—Havana (Amanda Metzler); low children’s/adult—Faithfully (Patricia Williams); high children’s/adult—Lord Stanley (Julia Murray).

Springtime In Dixie
Germantown, Tenn., Apr. 7-11


Hunter champions included: green working—Wallstreet West (Allison Harding); green conformation—Vocarday (Linda Brzoza); amateur-owner—Providence (Grace De La Gueronniere); small junior—Cooper (Victoria Efird); large junior—Sir Charlie Pepperworth (Reid Rickett); small pony—Zorro (Providence Hill farm LL); medium pony—Always Happy (Helen Graves); large pony—Center Field (Louise Graves); small/medium green pony—DA Matta (Bailey Clark); large green pony—Cup Of Joe (Marybeck Pinkston); children’s pony—Do A Little Dance (Mary Mielenz); children’s, 14 & under—Classic Lady (Lindsey Cayce); children’s, 15-17—Theodore K (Nicole Lyvere); adult amateur, 18-35—Rendezvous (Reagan Bugg); adult amateur, 36 & over—Overseas (Mindy Wurzburg LLC). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Sungard (Chara Short); high children’s/adult—Quatro (Claudia Styslinger).

Spring Fiesta I
Folsum, La., Apr. 7-11

Hunter champions included: green/regular working & children’s—Aquarius (Kathleen Posey); junior/amateur-owner—Layla (Seanie Kohnke); pony—Highlands Top Hat (Hunter’s Bluff Farm LLC); adult amateur, 18-35—Tradewinds (Ashley Herndon); adult amateur, 36 & over—Yipes (Anne Hormel). Rock Solid (Kristen Cobb) won the low children’s/adult jumper and the high children’s/adult jumper championships.

Blenheim Spring Classic II
San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Apr. 7-11

El Dorado 29’s Cantano (Susan Hutchison, 0/84.26) won the $35,000 Blenheim Spring Classic II Grand Prix over Becky Smith’s Fitzpatrick 2 (Smith, 3/94.09) and Rancho Corazon LLC’s Katie Riddle (John McConnell, 4/82.10). Hunter champions included: regular working & large junior, 15 & under—Rumba (Dogwood Hill LLC); first year green—Roxbury (Barbara Perrin); second year green & large junior, 16-17—Small Affair (Iwasaki & Reilly); small pony—Silver Steps (Lexie Looker); medium pony—Truly Noble (Pegaus Show Stable Inc.); large pony—Just Because (Grace Gerber); conformation—Truman (Mary Sweeney); children’s, 13 & under—Porsha K (Pamela Metal); children’s, 14-17—Glow (Ali Naugle); small junior, 15 & under—Coffeetalk (Whitney Downs); small junior, 16-17—Mariner (Kelsey Lax); adult amateur, 19-35—Tazo (Deanna Sage); adult amateur, 36-50—Alcazar (Gale Fenton); adult amateur, 51 & over—Vintage Pleasure (Cathy Crair); low amateur-owner—Caymus (Cathy Morris-Schmitt); amateur-owner, 18-35—Best Man (Melissa Doddridge); adult amateur, 36 & over—Tennyson (Tracy Sully). Jumper champions included: high children’s—Simpson (Jennifer Berg); high adult amateur—(tie) Lautrec (Jean Wessel) & Miss Cruise (Diane Richie); low children’s/adult—Lautrec (Wessel); high junior/amateur-owner—Bailey’s VH Muelenhof (HMG Farms); low junior/amateur-owner—Conor (Catie Verano).

VADA/NOVA Spring Dressage
Leesburg, Va., Apr. 10-11

FEI-level winners included: sections of Prix St. Georges—Sea Lord (Silva Martin, 62.10%), Pentagon (Paula Keller, 59.47) & Moud (Lynn Jendrowski, 62.63); sections of Intermediaire I—Gentleman (Kristen Herzing, 59.73) & Sea Lord (Martin, 65.26); sections of Intermediaire II—Jeff The Chef W (Martin, 63.15) & Darius (Jaralyn Finn, 61.18); sections of Grand Prix—Dreamboy (Stephanie Alvord, 53.19) & Jeff The Chef W (Martin, 59.78); sections of freestyle test of choice—Graf Alpha (Alvord, 61.25) & Nurito (Wendy Smith-Boon, 65.50); Young Rider Team Test—Nelzon (Jillian Kemenosh, 66.97); Young Rider Individual Test—Bentley (Meagan Davis, 67.10); Young Rider freestyle—Witster Bratbjerg (Melissa Reese, 65.50); Junior Team Test—Aaron VI (Julia Burtt, 64.86); Junior Individual Test—Ramazotti (Clare Green, 65.92); Junior Freestyle Test—Benedick (Adriane Alvord, 63.37); sections of Young Horse test of choice—Federer (Ulla Parker, 81.80) & Suntreader (Inga Janke, 78.80); FEI test of choice—Ikaros (Nadine Schlonsok, 55.93); sections of Para-Equestrian test of choice—Kazan (Rebecca Hart, 71.90) & Orlando (James Dwyer, 70.00); sections of Para-Equestrian freestyle test of choice—Mr. Darcy (Elizabeth Pigott, 53.18) & Statesmans Larissa (Wendy R. Shugol, 68.25).

Queen City Classic Spring Fling
Camden, S.C., Apr. 7-11

Caroline Clark Morrison’s Brunello (Elizabeth Boyd) won the $10,000 The Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby over Helen Lenahan’s Extraordinary (Jennifer Alfano). Hunter champions included: regular working—Mr. Z (Devney Hoft); regular conformation—Remedy (Betsee Parker); first year green & adult amateur, 36-49—Posh (Elisabeth Fouche); second year green—Samaritan (Jennifer Munday); green conformation—Windward (Mrs. R. Braga); amateur-owner, 18-35—Onassis (Sarah Ward); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Accomplice (Meredith Lipke); low amateur-owner—Three Olives (Anna Wells-Sharp); small junior—O.C. (Meadow Hill Stables); large junior, 15 & under—Waccamaw (Noel Fauntleroy); large junior, 16-17—Cavalier Forever (Joanna Delman); small pony—Church Mouse (Carly Hoft); medium pony—Sweet Tea (Gretchen Burud); large pony—Woodland’s Pure Platinum (Chatham Hall Stables); green pony—Mr. Bojangles (Bennett Bunn Plantation LLC); children’s pony—Dress For Dinner (Jared Bristol); adult amateur, 18-35—Conversation Piece (Catherine Midyette); adult amateur, 50 & over—Cadbury (Polly Cooley); children’s, 14 & under—Nickolas (Adele Marchant); children’s, 15-17—Art Nouveau (Caitee Moore). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult amateur—Garammond (Alysa Malespina); high children’s—Vermeer (Grace Prichard); high adult amateur—Jameson (Kimberly Shovelin); low junior/amateur-owner—Le Beau Cheval (Meadow Hill Farm).

Ram Tap Horse Trials
Fresno, Calif., Apr. 9-11

Winners included: open preliminary—Iona Grey (John Michael Durr, 33.5); preliminary rider—Say It Again (Jill Jamison, 44.6); open training—Land Rover (Jolie Wentworth); senior training—Alla’Bye (Julia Phillips, 35.5); junior training—Ben Cruise (Kaylyn Schaber, 39.2); open novice—Let’s Salsa (Brenda Peters Beare, 26.5); senior novice—Ping Pong (Julie Flettner, 36.5); junior novice—Disenchanted (Ashley Stone, 33.0); junior beginner novice—California Pie (Kelsey Holmes, 25.2); open beginner novice—Dapples (Megan Lepper, 33.3); senior beginner novice—Katie Did Conquer (Kari Burhoe, 39.7).

The Fork Horse Trials
Norwood, N.C., Apr. 10

Winners included: divisions of training—Absoroka (Susan Berrill, 33.8) & Prospero (Becky Holder, 29.1); divisions of novice—Quid Pro Quo (Michelle Frazier, 26.5) & Bombay Sapphire (Charles Plumb, 26.5); divisions of beginner novice—Sapphire (Caroline Dawson, 34.8) & Rickoshea (Heather Jans, 24.3).


Maryland National
Upper Marlboro, Md., Apr. 8-11

Hunter champions included: small/medium pony—RosMel’s French Vanilla (Amanda Lee); large pony—Life (Nancy Moore); green pony—West Wing (Mary Lou Glover); junior—Corazon (Patrick McGinnis); amateur-owner—Tommy (Karen Arcuri); green working—Purple Heart (Lynn Rice); low amateur-owner—Blackstone (Rice).

Spring National Inaugural
Monroe, Wash., Apr. 7-11

Hunter champions included: regular working & junior—Westcott Boy (Kelsey Brooks); first year green—Catani (Ann Lindwall); second year green—Maxx (Kathryn Wells); green conformation & children’s, 15-17—The Big Easy (Julia Maynard); amateur-owner—Sanmorino (Lisa Williams); adult amateur—Bayardo (Fern Ridge Farm); children’s, 14 & under—Muze (Barbara Snider); pony—Serendipity (Holly Hill Farm).

Dressage At Twin Rivers
Paso Robles, Calif., Apr. 10-11

FEI-level winners included: sections of Prix St. Georges—Rampart (Kelly Krambs, 62.36%) & Papillon (Dorreene Gilmore, 56.57); sections of Intermediaire I—Lombardo LHF (Brian Hafner, 65.26 & 70.26); Grand Prix & Grand Prix freestyle—Octango (Barbara Breen-Gurley, 63.40 & 71.00).

Welcome Back To White Fences
Loxahatchee, Fla., Apr. 10-11

FEI-level winners included—sections of Prix St. Georges—Utah (Marcel Van Der Burgh, 68.42 & 71.57); adult amateur Prix St. Georges—Darius (Alida Coburn, 66.84 & 65.00); sections of Intermediaire I—Delancey (Jules Anderson, 60.00 & 62.89); sections of Grand Prix—Otharr (Jean Klaucke, 60.42) & Romantic (Bill Warren, 66.59); FEI test of choice—Leiden (Bill McMullin, 65.00).

RMI Tri-State II
Cleveland, Tenn., Apr. 9-11

Hunter champions included: adult amateur—Shackleton (Adrian Jay); children’s—Irish Gentleman (Josephine Nadaud); large junior—Lead Story (Fit To Print Farm); large pony—Summerland (Bryson Lott); medium pony—King Me (Carter Anderson); small pony—Tin Man (Lindsey Ayres). Mega Watt (Lori Lynn) won the children’s/adult jumper championship.

NMHJA Spring Fling
Albuquerque, N.M., Apr. 10-11

Hunter champions included: children’s/adult—Aigman (Phoebe Hire); children’s pony—Harrinton Park Quest (Rylee Shufelt). Jumper champions included: high children’s/adult—Andiamo (Madeleine Carey); low children’s/adult—Heartstrings (Lauren Davis).





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