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Recent Results-Feb. 9

FTI Winter Equestrian Festival 4
Wellington, Fla. Feb. 3-7



FTI Winter Equestrian Festival 4
Wellington, Fla. Feb. 3-7

Beverly Widdowson’s Carlo 273 (Nick Skelton, 0-0/39.72) won the $75,000 Adequan CSI over Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal’s G&C Quick Star (Pablo Barrios, 0-0/40.00) and Abigail Wexner’s Danny Boy (Beezie Madden, 0-0/40.24). G&C Quick Star (Barrios, 0-0/38.06) won the $30,000 WEF Challenge Cup Round 4 over Deeridge Farm’s Kachina (Louis Jacobs, 0-0/38.64). Leslie Howard’s Jeans Glove Varnel (Howard, 0-0/41.60) won the $25,000 Suncast 1.50m Classic over Happy Hill Farm’s Cedric (Laura Kraut, 0-0/44.27). Hunter champions included: adult amateur, 18-35—South Beach (Bright Star 158 LLC); low adult amateur—Remark (Evi Jaeckle); adult amateur, 36-50—Lucera (Mershad Stables LLC); sections of adult amateur, 51 & over—Pike’s Peak (Ann Anastasio) & Glory Road (Carol Cone); amateur-owner, 18-35—Zoom (Laura Sexton); low amateur-owner—Val D’Isere (Natalie Allen); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Hush (John & Stephanie Ingram LLC); children’s, 14 & under—Rock Port (Stacey Robinson); children’s, 15-17—Santiago (Ash Lee Corp.); children’s large pony—Brighton’s Sketch (Erica Polle); children’s small/medium pony—First Impression (Katie Dinan LLC); regular conformation—Listen (Jane Gaston); first year green—Renowned (Caroline Willard); large green pony—Step Aside (Kiersten Glynn); large junior, 15 & under—Peridot (Stephen Martines); large junior, 16-17—Breathtaking (Paula Lillard); large pony—Vanity Fair (Betsee Parker); medium green pony—Silver Sails (Keeley Gogul); medium pony—Major League (Frank Cunniffe); regular working—Star Quest’s Serenade (Deborah Brenner); second year green—Garfield (K&S Show Services); small junior, 15 & under—Safari (Caitlin Ziegler & Artisan Farms LLC); small junior, 16-17—Davis Cup (Paulexi LLC); small pony—Hillcrest’s Blue Gem Stone (Lochmoor Stables). Jumper champions included: adult amateur, 18-35—Calvin (Abigail McArdle); adult amateur, 36-49—Pedro (Kent Farrington); adult amateur, 50 & over—Loose Lucy (Sally Slater); children’s, 13 & under—Silver Touch (Esperanza); children’s, 14-17—Araucano (Alicia Hall); high amateur-owner—Quidditch II (Deeridge Farm); high junior—Anyway (Paulexi LLC); low adult amateur—Delila (Hope Smith); low amateur-owner—Soleil (Deeridge Farm); low children’s—Desert Rose (Ericka Koenigsberg); low junior—Camirage (Diamond Edge Farm); medium amateur-owner—Gideon (John Holmes); medium junior—Mayhem (Ziegler & Artisan Farms LLC); pony—Luigi (Hall).

Great Southwest Winter Series I
Katy, Texas, Feb. 3-7

Hunter champions included: green working—Worth Noteing (Woodland Way Inc.); amateur-owner—Fun And Games (Lindsey Roberts); low amateur-owner—Dubari (Gayle Cox); small junior—Holiday (Laura Beckworth); large junior, 15 & under—Castello (Colleen McKenzie); large junior, 16-17—Primetime (Shadyside Farm); pony—EZ-Go (Hallie Fei Smith); adult amateur, 18-35—Lights Out (Ashland Farms); adult amateur, 36-49—Isabelle (Shadyside Farm); adult amateur, 50 & over—Bliss (Beckworth); children’s, 14 & under—Gretta (Zoe Solis); children’s, 15-17—What You Will (Brittany Hildebrand); children’s pony—Rollingwoods Undercover (Samantha Fedotova). Jumper champions included: low children’s—Jammin Thru Traffic (Kim Cox); high children’s—Skylark (John De Leyer); adult amateur—Waldmond (Sherry Atherton); low junior/amateur-owner—Nikita (Shannon Garding); low adult amateur—Gloriettas Charger (Charlotte Seigler).

Sundance Welcome
Tucson, Ariz., Feb. 3-7

Vicki Miller’s Tamino (Miller, 0/80.17) won the $25,000 HITS Grand Prix over Chris Falewitch’s Panache (Janine Weatherby, 4/81.18). Hunter champions included: first year green—Sigfried (Susanne Stroh); regular working/second year green & amateur-owner—Shine On Me (Nancy Gray); adult amateur—Absolut’ Mocha (Pam Stubbs); large junior—Piquet (Megan Buscema); children’s—Across The Universe (Lucy Gerhart); pony—Helicon Bright N’ Breezy (Lochmoor Stables). Jumper champions included: low adult amateur—Ophelia De L’Estriverie (Hayley Douglas); high adult amateur—Steve (Shelley Roberts); low children’s—Up To Snuff (Christine Meridew); high children’s—Hortensia (Amanda Pollack).

Ledges Winter Series
Roscoe, Ill., Feb. 4-7

Hunter champions included: second year green—Viva (Sandra Paulson); regular working—Kensington (Use The Ring LLC); junior—Clockwork (Janet Sassmannshausen); first year green—Dixie Chick (Kathleen Caya). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Faithfully (Patricia Williams); high children’s/adult—Rochette (Alex Jayne); junior/amateur-owner—Malita M (Rachel Johnson).

Jacksonville Final V
Green Cove Springs, Fla., Feb. 3-7

ABC 4 Horses’ Platinum (Aaron Vale, 0-0/37.52) won the $25,000 Jacksonville Finale Grand Prix over David Jennings’ Marcus Aurelius (Jennings, 0-0/38.78). Hunter champions included: first year green—Welt To Do (Alexis Humenik); second year green/regular working—Unbelievable (Paula Pell); amateur-owner, 18-35—Paramount (Journey’s End Farm); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Lothario (Gerald Camera); low amateur-owner—What D’Ya Know (Lee Cesery); small junior, 15 & under—Falcao (Donald Stewart); small junior, 16-17—Lyle (Stephanie Keen); small pony—Houdini (Emma Wujek); medium pony—Catamaran (Centennial Farms); large pony—Mizzentop (The Barracks); adult amateur, 18-35—All That Glitters (Lindsley Fletcher); adult amateur, 36-49—Panther (Kevin Foster); adult amateur, 50 & over—Luvbug (Patricia Schindler). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Candido Z (Stephen Comunale); low junior/amateur-owner—Terrapin Flyer (Abby O’Mara).


Desert Circuit II
Thermal, Calif., Feb. 2-7

Sagamore Farms’ Phillipa (McLain Ward, 0-0/26.73) won the $50,000 Strongid C 2X Grand Prix CSI-W over Keri Potter’s Rockford I (Potter, 0-0/28.52) and Gerald Moore Forest View Farm Inc.’s Son Of A Gun (John Pearce, 0-4). Foxdale Farm Inc.’s Terrific (John Anderson, 0/53.65) won the $30,000 HITS Grand Prix over Gerald Moore Forest View Farm Inc.’s Chianto (Pearce, 0/54.74). Blair Cudmore’s Ceonto (Karen Cudmore, 0-0/40.85) won the $25,000 HITS Grand Prix over Redfield Farm’s Coco (Michelle Spadone, 0-0/41.21). Hunter champions included: first year green—Protégé (Lisa Williams); second year green & adult amateur, 18-35—Woodstock (Sabrina Hellman); green conformation—CoStar (Alexandra Zell); regular working—Rumba (Dogwood Hill LLC); regular conformation—C. Quito (Margot Snowdon); amateur-owner, 18-35—Best Man (Melissa Doddridge); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Dylan (Tracy Sully); low amateur-owner—Caymus (Cathy Morris-Schmitt); adult amateur, 36-45—American Idol (Heather Paulus); small junior, 15 & under—Country Grammar (Oscany Inc.); small junior, 16-17—Cruise (Jessica Singer); large junior, 15 & under—Small Affair (Iwasaki & Reilly); large junior, 16-17—Le Cord (Michael Crotty); children’s, 13 & under—Little Blue (Catherine Tracy/Barbrian LP); children’s, 14-17—Infamous (Allison Talbot); green pony—Stella (Rachel Tayelman); small pony—You Go Girl (Ashlyn Matheus & Stephanie Haney); medium pony—Macy Grey (Wild Sky Farm); large pony—Stella (Rachel Tavelman); adult amateur, 46 & over—Karibou (Crystal Springs Ranch). Jumper champions included: adult amateur, 18-35—Barca Van Het Eikelbos (Carousel Investments LLC); adult amateur, 36-49—Lollypop (Melanie Rapp); adult amateur, 50 & over—Manheim (Kimberly Butts); children’s, 15 & under—Longoria (Buffy Knill); children’s, 16-17—Dunvegan’s Gaelic Lore (Sarah Hermanski); low children’s/adult—Mowgli (Rebecca McDonnell).

PSJ Highfields
Aiken, S.C., Feb. 6-7

Hunter champions included: sections of green working—Coconut Creek (Willoughby Stables) & Chinchilla (Gail Visconsi); sections of adult amateur—Bobalu (Helen Richards) & Ferragamo’s Feature (Jenna Weiner); sections of pony—(tie) Splash Attack (Erin McClain) & Fair Springs Guinevere (Traci Combs) & (tie) Joe Boxer (Nadia Amann) & Splash Attack; sections of children’s—Good Grief (Kylie Nickles) & The Forester (Ivey Sumner). O’Brien (Julie Ennis) & Caracondo (Alexandra Ditomaso) tied for the children’s/adult jumper championship.

Stonewall Country Horse Show II
Lexington, Va., Feb. 4-7

Hunter champions included: medium/large pony—Wellen Goldsmith (Savannah Jenkins); junior—Rejoice (Taylor Shearin); amateur-owner—Bruce (Twin Oaks Farm LLC); low amateur-owner—Dominus (Alyson Booth); green working—The Admiral (Emily Langhorne); regular working—Stetson (Jason Berry & November Hill Farm); children’s, 14 & under—Burberry (Madeline Turner); adult amateur—Wise Counsel (Alan Lohman).

Palm Beach Exquis World Dressage Masters CDI*****
Wellington, Fla. Feb. 3-6

Salinero (Anky van Grunsven of the Netherlands, 84.45%) won the Grand Prix freestyle over Ravel (Steffen Peters of the United States, 81.70) & Satchmo 78 (Isabell Werth of Germany, 78.95). Tip Top 962 (Leslie Morse of the United States, 65.70) won the Grand Prix Special over Anton (Belinda Trussell of Canada, 65.16) & Olivier (Elisabeth Austin of the United States, 64.87). Ravel (Peters, 76.85) won the Grand Prix over Salinero (Van Grunsven, 74.63) & Satchmo 78 (Werth, 72.53).

Full Gallop Farm Intermediate Horse Trials
Aiken, S.C., Feb. 3

Winners included: intermediate—Double Rivers Basil Brush (Kadi Eykamp, 57.6); divisions of preliminary—It’s Otto (Jennifer Bazan, 33.7), Andromaque (Will Faudree, 36.2) & Drummer’s Call (Will Coleman, 37.8); divisions of training—Walstraed (Jan Byyny, 28.6), Why Not (Byyny, 23.2) & Argento (Skyeler Icke, 26.8); divisions of novice—Babu’s Flying Finish (Tara Ziegler, 30.5), Lord Baltimore (Doug Payne, 23.0) & Double Rivers Really Cool (Eykamp, 28.5); divisions of beginner novice—Surefire’s Anwar (Byyny, 32.2) & Hope For Moor (Gabby Dickerson, 30.0).


Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials
Hamilton, Ga., Feb 6-7

Winners included: open intermediate—Tommy Two (Werner Geven, 48.4); open intermediate/preliminary—The Graduate (Elizabeth Barron, 45.6); open preliminary—No Questions (Abigail Lee, 37.8); open preliminary/training—Wivita (Geven, 33.2); open training—Asterix (Hannah Begue, 35.5); junior novice—Elin’s Legacy (Rachel Wilks, 37.9); open novice—Spectacular Spectacular (Adrew Palmer, 27.8); junior beginner novice—Saxon Mills (Sarah Ginsberg, 36.5); open beginner novice—The Obvious Surprise (Jean Long, 35.5).

Sporting Days Horse Trials
Aiken, S.C., Feb. 6-7

Winners included: intermediate/preliminary—DeCordova (Erin Renfroe, 29.6); divisions of preliminary—Isis (Sarah Cousins, 34.5) & Shared Dreams (Maggie Sharp, 32.3); divisions of open training—Fernhill Dunbyrne (Courtney Cooper, 28.6) & Carlingford Merlot (Benita Strini, 32.0); preliminary/training—Walkabout (Jennifer Brannigan, 36.8); training horse—Astaire To The Future (Alexandra Tathem, 31.4); training rider—By His Grace (Krista Rose, 33.6); divisions of novice horse—Double Rivers Really Cool (Kadi Eykamp, 25.3) & Sabrina (Molly Rosin, 28.7); divisions of novice rider—Texas Kahlua (Ashley Beale, 29.1) & Balboa (Brendan Quinn, 38.0); divisions of open novice—Chasing Dreams (Brannigan, 32.6) & Mr. Parks (Marci Green, 38.3); beginner novice rider—Rickoshea (Heather Jans, 31.5); divisions of open beginner novice—Pennylane (Rebekah Simmons, 26.5)  & Northern Hat (Tara Ziegler, 34.0).

Bordeaux CAI-W/CSI*****-W
Bordeaux, France, Feb. 5-7

Ideal De La Loge (Roger-Yves Bost of France, 0-0/42.07) won the CSI*****-W over Sandro Boy (Marcus Ehning of Germany, 0-0/42.13) & Ad Picolien (Alvaro De Miranda of Brazil, 0-0/42.71). Thibault Coudry (France, 262.65) won the CAI-W over Tomas Eriksson (Sweden, 269.20) & Werner Ulrich (Switzerland, 269.20).

Abu Dhabi CSIO*****
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Feb. 3-6

Valentina Van’t Heike (Jos Lansik of Belgium, 0-0/36.43) won The Emaar President Of The UAE Showjumping Cup over Lord Luis (Lars Neiburg of Germany. 0-0/36.62) & Robin Hood W (Ben Maher of Great Britain, 0-0/36.69).

Golden State Dressage Premiere
Rancho Murieta, Calif., Feb. 6-7

FEI-level winners included: sections of open Prix St. Georges—Udo (Tracey Lert, 66.97%), Daulton (Else Donnell, 63.94) & Gasper (Heidi Gaian, 66.05); sections of adult amateur/junior/young rider Prix St. Georges—Asterios (Charlotte Jorst, 68.15) & Tibet (Brianna Dutton, 71.84); sections of open Intermediaire I—Oxford (Gaian, 65.13 & 70.26) & Udo (Lert, 68.68); adult amateur/junior/young rider Intermediaire I—Asterios (Jorst, 67.36) & Tibet (Dutton, 71.05); sections of Intermediaire II—Wenrylken (Carrie Harnden, 61.05, 63.15 & 62.89); sections of Grand Prix—Lyra (Christine Rivlin, 68.93), Aldente (Tracey Hill, 64.68) and Dejima (Michael Etherly, 62.34); sections of Grand Prix freestyle—Lyra (Rivlin, 68.75 & 73.12); Grand Prix Special—Aldente (Hill, 68.95); junior team test—N.A.S.H. (Meg Adams, 65.54); junior individual test—Waranja (Genay Vaughn, 64.21); 5-year-old young horse—Kapri (Ildiko Hites, 74.00); ParaEquestrian team test of choice, grade IV team test, individual test of choice & freestyle test of choice—Moneypenny (Susan Treabess, 71.25, 71.87, 70.00 & 74.62); ParaEquestrian grade III team test, individual test of choice, individual grade III test & freestyle test of choice—Mibis (Barbara Grassmyer, 64.44, 65.33, 62.33 & 67.87).




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