The Pony Finals Name Game

Aug 6, 2015 - 8:41 AM
At this year's US Pony Finals, names with Blue in them are by far the most popular. Photo by Kimberly Loushin.

Ponies are known for being a unique subset of the equine species. Beyond their pintsized feet and their penchant for naughtiness, there’s a plethora of names that are perfect for our shorter equine companions.

Some are a sign of the times (Snapchat isn’t a name you would have seen a few years ago) and others reference times gone by, such as Mr. Magoo (Do kids even know that reference?). Regardless, pony names tend to be more unique than some of their larger counterparts.

Here are some of our favorites, by theme. What are your favorites? Share with us! 

Super Sweet

-My Sweet Dreams


-Hershey’s Kiss

-Crystal Acres Chocolatier

-Sweet Tea

-Brownie Points

-Dipped In Chocolate

-Jessandi Famous Amos

-Jelly Bean

-Willy Wonka


Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

-Love And Laughter



-Love Note

-Love Bug

-Heart To Forget

-Woodlands Love Story

-Love Note

-All My Love

-Love Me Tender

-Bit Of Love

-Lucy Love

-True Love

-Mister Valentino

-I Candy

-Be Mine

-Gap Springs Heart’s Desire


Pop Culture References

-Mischief Managed

-Mr. Incredible

-Captain Jack Sparrow

-Home Alone

-Charlie Brown



-Woodland’s Huck Finn

-Captain America


-Rock Lobster

-Curious George

-Magical Me

-The Black Pearl

-Captain Underpants

-Oliver Twist


-National Treasure

-Counting Stars

-Marvel Comic

-Happy Feet

-Kaptin Krunch


Feeling Floral


-Molly Bloom

-Lilacs & Lillies

-Elite Spring Daisy

-Flower Girl


I See What You Did There

-Penelope Crusin’

-Al Capony

-Pip Pip Hooray

-Rollingwoods Lemony Sticket

-Saved By The Bella

-Clovercroft Show Me The Bunny

-Long Story Short




Are We Sure That’s a Children’s Pony?

-Deal Me In




Bet You Can’t Guess What Color He Is

-Colorful Scenario

-A Blond Moment

-Splash Of Paint

-Blondie Merrylegs


-Stepped In Paint

-EZ To Spot

-Bay Society

-Strawberry Fields


Aptly Named, Perhaps?

-Monkey Business

-Raisin A Ruckus

-Party Crasher

-Training Wheels

-Tazmanian Devil

-Little Rascal

-Mischief Maker

-Winsome CourtJester

-Skippin’ School

-Billy the Kid


Simply Priceless

-Orion’s Diamond Ace

-Vermont Show Me The Gold

-Lee Hill Gold Rumour

-Silver Star Mona Lisa

-Glenhaven Golden Idol


-Crystal Charm

-Silver Wishes

-Go For Gold

-Gold Digger

-Gold Rush

-Morning Star Struck By Silver


Feeling Blue

-Baby Blue

-Blueridge Moonbeam

-Blue Skye

-Rambur Blue Denium

-Simply Blue

-Bringing Home Blue

-I’m Not Blue

-Starswept Paris Blues

-Jet Blue

-Wesmoore’s Tangled Up In Blue

-Blue With Out You

-Serenade In Blue

-Cherrybrook Skye Blue

-Blue A Kiss

-Blue Bayou

-Boca’s Blue Nile

-Skye Blue

-Blue Me Away

-Biloxi Blue

-Cadet Blue

-Serenade In Blue

-Blue On Bye

-Blu Suede Shoes

-Tiffany Blue

-Sugarbrook Pink-N-Blue

-Dream Come Blue

-Deja Blue

-I’m Not Blue

-Hillcrest Red & Blue

-Scoobie Blue

-Blue Chip

-Navy Blue


-Woodland’s Blue Haze

-Tangled Up In Blue


-Onyxfords Blue Magic

-Summerwood’s Rhythm N’Blues

-Blue Angel

-Cherrybrook Just Blue In


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