Saturday, Sep. 23, 2023

Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Horse Shows Ends After 12 Years



After much deliberation and careful consideration, the Brandywine Horse Shows’ Board of Directors has announced the conclusion of the event, which was held annually in Devon, Pennsylvania.

“Brandywine Horse Shows has always captured the charm of a boutique event, while providing the quality of a high-level horse show,” according to a press release from co-founders Louise Serio and Jennifer Burger. “For 12 years, Brandywine has consistently provided an attention to detail and customer-centric culture rarely seen at other show series. We’ve always prioritized and supported the involvement of both local and national beneficiaries—we recognize that they’re just as integral to our event as the riders are.”

“I am honored to have been part of the Brandywine Horse Shows,” board member Wendy Janesky said. “We put on a great event and had so much fun working with the young professionals in the Brandywine Internship Program.”


Board member and show exhibitor Clementina Brown added, “The Brandywine Horse Shows were a stunning example of what a top-tier horse show should be. In addition to great performances, Brandywine was known for making generous contributions and recognizing local charities.”

Brandywine Horse Shows extended a sincere thanks to all its supporters for their commitment and participation.

“I was happy to be a part of such a special event,” board member and industry professional Brooke Baldwin said. “Thanks to all our supporters and spectators for having the energy to keep it going.”




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