Order Of Go For The Classic Round

Aug 16, 2012 - 5:53 PM

Lexington, Ky.—Aug. 16

The Classic Round for the 2012 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals will kick off at 8 a.m. Friday, Aug. 16. Several late scratches, including Katie Lambert-Boone’s rides Shade and Celebrate, bring the total to 81 entries. Judges Patrick Rodes and Geoff Teall accepted all the entries.

Steve Stephens has built a gorgeous track in the Sheila C. Johnson arena, hauling in a few dozen trees and several stagecoaches. It’s his first year building for Derby Finals.

The top 30 horses in tomorrow’s Classic Round will advance to the Handy Round, which kicks off Saturday Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. That round will be broadcast live on USEF Network http://www.usefnetwork.com/, and you can join the Chronicle in an interactive blog.  

This year the next 31-60th horses in the Classic will advance to a Consolation Round, Saturday at 4p.m., where they’ll jump for $15,000.

Classic Round Order of Go

Round 1
1. Drumline/Nicole Lyvere

2. Carlano/Peter Pletcher

3.Cellino/Laura Thopson

4. Usher/Michael Buckley Wallace

5. Christabel/Rebecca Odom

6. Mamba/Annie Kartsotis

7. Wallstreet West/David Wright

8. Fielding/Lindsay Mutschler

9. The Spy/Caroline Weeden

10.Azlan/Lexi Maounis

11. Optimized/Shawn Casady

12. Castlewellan/Erin McCabe

13. Right On/Ciara Murphy

14. Eloise/Claudia Styslinger

15. Valobra/Peter Pletcher

16. Dinner For Two/Rebecca Reyes

17. Arico/Patricia Grifith

18. Summer Catch/Ashley Hotz

19. Delorean/iza Richardson

20. Vox/Kelley Farmer

21. Chin Chin/Melissa Donnelly

22. Ralph Lauren/Brian Feigus

23. Class Action/Allison Toffolon

24. Kalifornia Dreamin’/Dana Hart Callanan

25. Caden/Peter Pletcher

26. Contemporary/Alliy Moyer

27. Uncle Luc/Karen Kelley

28. Genuine/Tori Colvin

29. Dolce/Sue Takata

30. Charmed/Timothy Maddrix

31. Kid Rock/Lillie Keenan

32. Weatherly/Erin Bland

33. Second City/Winn Alden

34. Tell All/Maria Rasmussen

35. Black Label/Martien Van Der Hoeven

36. Gold Coast/Gary Young

37. Copperfield/Peter Pletcher

38. October Road/Kaitlin Campbell

39. Burberry/Tiffany Hickey-Cambria

40. Friday Night/Sandy Ferrell

41. Ovation/Taylor Reid

42. Aha/Callie Seaman

43. Brooke/Rachael Herkowitz

44. Inclusive/Tori Colvin

45. Sally Carrera/David Wright

46. Cool Blue/Lucille Oken

47. Island Time/Timothy Maddrix

48. Café de Colombia/Elizabeth Patz

49. Monterrey/Lillie Keenan

50. Catalyst/Winn Alden

51. Lochland/Sara Stephens

52. Promise Me/Christian Rogge

53. Mouse/Sophia DePumpo

54. Red Sky/Kelley Farmer

55. Brunelo/Liza Boyd

56. Elliot/Shawn Cassady

57. Declaration/Scott Stewart

58. Carson/Greg Crolick

59. Sienna/Patricia Griffith

60. Praise/Kelley Farmer

61. Miss Lucy/Jennifer Alfano

62. Havana/Tori Colvin

63. Rex The Wonder Horse/Kris Killam

64. Amadeo/Bob Brawley

65. Shine/Liza Richardson

66. Quatrain/Liza Boyd

67. Taken/Kelley Farmer

68. Dedication/Scott Stewart

69. Ostentacious/Louise Graves

70. NLF Shakespeare’s Rhythm/Peter Pletcher

71. Concerto/Lauren Sogard

72. Yes Indeed/Hardin Towell

73. Now How Z/Colleen Acosta

74. Clearly/Kelley Farmer

75. C. Quito/Jessie Lang

76. Carlson/Tammy Provost

77. Jersey Boy/Jen Alfano

78. Woodstock/Hope Glynn

79. Triompf/Liza Boyd

80. Garfield/Scott Stewart

81. Bases Loaded/Kelley Farmer


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