Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023

Ohio Equestrians Band Together To Deliver Care Packages



While many in the world are quarantining inside their homes due to the coronavirus, Ohio-based hunter/jumper trainer Kelley Davis wants to show up on as many strangers’ doorsteps as possible.

The Germantown, Ohio, schools are currently closed, and she wants to be part of the solution. This means packing up boxes with essential food items and delivering them to families in need within a one-hour radius. She or her team, donning fairy wings, will leave the items at the door. They call themselves the Tamiflu Fairies, and just like the tooth fairy, they can be in and out in a flash. No face-to-face contact is needed, and people can request boxes either for themselves or for those they think may need help.

“Germantown is not a wealthy town,” said Davis of the Dayton suburb, “and some people rely on school lunches but may not feel comfortable asking for help.” People can request a box through either her personal Facebook page or her barn page, KB Sporthorses.


Kelley Davis has rallied her clients to put together care packages for families who rely on school lunches. Photos Courtesy Of Kelley Davis

Davis’ boarders and training clients have also joined in to help with care packages. “We have 15 to 20 lesson kids, and since colleges have closed some of our former students have come back to help,” she said. The facility is large so there is room to spread out. Her barn remains open for lessons at this time, and kids who are out of school can stay all day if they’d like.


“A lot of parents still have to go to work,” Davis said. “They don’t have a babysitter. Schools are closed, but parents still have to go to the office, so my kids can come here. It’s like a family here.” Davis, 32, has a 3-year-old daughter of her own, but when she says “my kids” she’s referring to her riding students.


Kelley Davis (second right) with some of her Tamiflu Fairies.

While the kids are at the barn, there are enough projects for everyone to take part.

“Some kids have learned how to design a course, how to give IM shots, and what to do if a horse is colicking,” she said.

And then of course, there are the care packages to fill and deliver. While many of the riders have had their competition hopes dashed for the near future—the team was supposed to compete this week and next—Davis says that everyone is staying positive and is enthusiastic about helping others. “We are so fortunate to have what we have,” she said. “If everyone does something to help, we can make the world a little better.”


The team at KB Sporthorses are donning fairy wings as they deliver care packages.




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