Saturday, Sep. 23, 2023

No Rest For The Wicked

What a long, strange trip it’s been!



What a long, strange trip it’s been!

Cleo and I had a safe and uninteresting trip back home Sunday, most of which was under—of course—glorious sunshine. We had a celebratory linner (somewhere between lunch and dinner), and I proceeded to fall asleep at about 6 pm. Sweet.

We went to Equine Reproductive Concepts in Amissville, Va., on Monday, for the first part of our embryo transfer adventure, but also to get a better look at what the heck went on back there at the show.

The verdict? Either a follicle that re-filled with fluid after ovulating, causing pain and bad things, or a follicle that was going awry for a while and culminated in a bad ovulation.

Either way, not a big deal, and more than likely a one-off occurrence. Whew! We are still giving her a week to settle before starting to rev her up for her next ovulation, so I expected to have a nice, leisurely week of hacking and swimming and all the things that happy horses do.

Nix! No rest for the wicked. Monday night I got the call—we’ll be performing at PVDA’s Ride For Life, a breast cancer benefit featuring a Saturday night freestyle challenge. Oh boy!

Cleo has had a few days of vacation, but when I put my leg on her this morning to get her back to work she damn near launched me into the rafters, so she’s clearly in good spirits. The kur is an old kur of Billy’s, which fits her surprisingly well, and while we may not be the most spectacular combination there, we’re going to have a damn good time, and we’re going to look smashing, because I am on a pink mission!


I’ve been able to accumulate lots of pink ribbon and pink glitter thus far. I also tried my hand at dying things pink last night—yay on the stock tie, nay on the polo wraps—and I’m expecting a pink saddle pad from my friends at Advanced Saddle Fit this afternoon.

So I’m still on the hunt for some bell boots, polos, a browband (going to try wrapping one in ribbon, but a girl can never have too much bling), and some spray-on temporary hair color, if I can track some down. Anyone going to the show who wants to share, drop me an email or post below!

It’s nice to be home, even though there isn’t much resting going on. It’s nice to have a long stretch of being able to focus just on my young horses for a while too.

Extra important since Ella, my 8-year-old, seems to have forgotten just about everything, and we’re doing our first real Prix St. Georges in three weeks. Hmm.

Midgey, the world’s cutest Dutch Harness Horse, apparently did some thinking about his homework while I was away because he’s made SUPER flying changes, SUPER piaffe and even baby weenie passage (trotage, we call it). Maybe I should not ride him for a week more often?

It’s also nice to be able to focus on my clients’ horses. We have a show here in Region 1 called the Adult Team Championships, which are exactly what they sound like, and I think I’m going to have three teams of students going. Wow!
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