More Than Meets The Eye

Aug 3, 2017 - 8:56 PM

I’ve heard people say that the hunters are uninteresting. That all the rounds look the same, or that the courses are uninspired. Outside, diagonal, outside diagonal; ad nauseum.

It’s true that a highly polished, nuanced hunter round can make it look like the rider isn’t doing anything, and that may translate to some as boring. The casual observer may wonder what there could possibly be to think about beyond recalling the order of the fences and counting 3-2-1-JUMP.

I guarantee there’s more going on than meets your eye. And if you could hear our internal dialog while we’re on course, you’d find our rounds quite a bit more entertaining.

But, you can’t hear our thoughts.

Therefore, I’ve created a visual aid that allows you to see them as we work our way around a typical hunter course…



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