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Moments From Cross-Country At 2017 Badminton CCI****



South Gloucestershire, England—May 6  

As expected Eric Winter’s cross-country course at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton CCI**** shook up the leaderboard, but three powerhouses are at the top and less than a show jumping time penalty separates them.


You can read all about it and see some of Shannon Brinkman’s images of the day (All photos by Shannon Brinkman):

Badminton House provided a lovely backdrop as Ingrid Klimke piloted Horseware Hale Bob OLD through the water.

Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam FBW made short work of cross-country and are one of two to go double clear.

La Biosthetique Sam FBW had a second jockey today in the form of Willberry Wonder Pony, or in this case “Jungberry.”

Andrew Nicholson cracked a smile as the 17-year-old Nereo landed over the final fence.

Tim Price was the only other rider to make the time, and he did so aboard Xavier Faer for fourth from 34th.

Mark Todd gave NZB Campino after they were the second pair to go double clear. They will show jump in 5th place.

Rosalind Canter rode Allstar B to sixth after cross-country.

ODT Ghareeb made a great effort for Oliver Townend for seventh after cross-country.

Alexander Bragg rode a strong cross-country on Zagreb to sit eighth.

Several nannies enjoyed the sights on cross-country day.

Ireland’s Clare Abbott catapulted up the leaderboard from a tie for 51st to 11th with Euro Prince.

Willberry was busy today, as he also helped Gemma Tattersall pilot Artic Soul to 12th.

Lauren Kieffer is the top-placed American with Veronica. They are 17th.

Donner pulled a shoe at the fourth fence with Lynn Symansky, but they came in with no jump penalties for the United States.

Better be on your best behavior. This wedding party is prepared to keep everyone in line.





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